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Thirty years ago in NYC, A woman who reminds me of Lisa was pregnant and boarding a bus with her husband. They were discussing jarred versus homemade food for the baby when they experienced alien activity.

Everyone but them is seemingly catatonic. Her water breaks and the aliens steal her baby.

Harry thinks he's dead but not dead. Maybe the afterlife. It's the morphine. He's had his leg lopped off, but it's already growing back.

His people are descendants of octopuses. When he sees the device on the mantle, he jumps up, which annoys Asta, who has stayed with him. She wants a little thanks. His leg grosses her out. She toys with his device, almost pressing the black button, which she thinks is a radio.

She leaves for a while, and Harry notices it's not functioning.

D'Arcy wants to know what the hell? Why did she take the truck? She knows Asta is lying, and she won't reveal her tell, or she'll change it, and then she won't know when she's lying anymore.

Harry's device needs a tiny tracking transmitter that other species insert into humans so that he can fix his device.

Max heard he fell down a crevasse. He thinks maybe he can help Harry fix his device. Max is happy that he's OK. Sahar is outside lurking around. She is so funny, talking about the government, the men in black, stealing his craft to study it. Maybe he should go to the hardware store. Her dad shops there and they have everything.

Harry is hoping to head off to find a part as Asta arrives, seeing him high on morphine. They're going to an aliens convention. Harry isn't impressed, but Asta thinks it will be fun.

Harry likes the high-haired gentleman who speaks truth about aliens.

Harry knows that the astronauts landed but were taken over. He runs commentary as a man points out the various aliens.

Mike is annoyed to find Liv eating lunch with his father. He's even more annoyed that his dad bought their lunch.

Louis thinks he's got a marital type relationship with Liv. Mom was sharp and challenged Louis and didn't let him off the hook until he took steps to fix it.

After lunch, Mike gets out Liv's murder board and realizes the amount of work she did and what it means.

He begins connecting the dots of Sam's murder with his wife and heads on over to her salon.

Peter Bach, the alien tracker, is on stage. He's been all over the map with his issues. He had his own encounter and was terrified. His mission is to find aliens, trap them, and shoot 'em with 10,000 volts of electricity.

He invites others to the stage to share their experiences. Harry scoffs and rolls his eyes, finishing a guy's sentence about a long rod they were sticking in his... asshole.

Asta takes the stage, shocking Harry. She saw his ship crashing, considering it her guiding light, giving her strength to leave Jimmy and never look. Months later, she came into contact with the occupant, and something about him made her feel safe and not alone. She doesn't think they're monsters. Some of them are here to do good. Harry's face is scrunched in a weird smile, and he thinks, nope.

Ben reads Sheriff Mike the riot act for taking so long to find the murderer and wasting lots of resources.

D'Arcy offers Jay a drink. Jay is there to interview her about the rescue. She needs the extra credit. She has no idea what happened with D'Arcy and Asta.

Someone on stage now says she's being tracked, even bringing an X-ray for proof.

Harry's thrilled.

Ben arrives home to find out that taco night is no more, and it can't move to the next night because that's spaghetti. Maybe fish tacos, he hopes?

Lisa and David are there as Kate's new friends, Sarah and Dick.

Alien Tracker recognizes the alien in their midst and takes off after Harry. Harry is after the girl with the tech, but it's not tech, after all. It's a bb. But now Harry is on film attacking a girl with a scalpel.

Asta wants the truth. He tells her about the tech.

Harry knows that the alien tracker is after him and tells Asta the rest is self-evident given his name.

Lisa says she can't have kids. Kate commiserates.

Ben is thrown off of his game since he's not eating tacos. He is eating fish bones, sharing the branzino bone deaths per year. Kate needs to talk with him in the kitchen. Maybe, Ben says, he should share his love of candlemaking with Dick. Kate is embarrassed.

Asta deters the alien tracker as if she's excited to see him so that Harry can escape. Harry finds himself in a room with the high-haired gentleman. Harry says he needs to hide. Harry is suddenly impressed-ish. The guy offers a signed copy of his book, but Harry would rather have flower-shaped fruit.

Lisa is looking through Max's things when Kate finds her. Max has a piece of Harry's ship hidden in a candy box. Lisa claims that she's snooping because she can't have kids.

Kate offers for Lisa to babysit Max.

The monument guy gives Harry his whole spiel while Harry eats everything but the honeydew because it smells like an old lady's perfume.

Ben is showing David his candle-making equipment. Ben finds it relaxing, especially after Sam's murder.

Ben always wanted to say not on his watch, but it was on his watch. Maybe he was across the street when it happened.

D'Arcy is worried about Asta, and Judy's not so good at reassuring her.

Liv jumps on stage for Karaoke night, and the sweetest thing happens. Mike joins her on stage!

The alien tracker is the guy from the bus. He hopes to find his son. Harry had bad news. They're not coming back for Peter. They already got what they wanted.

A dude tells Asta that her alien is the Christopher Columbus of the Sky for all she knows.

Max has a video on his computer and recorded everything Lisa did.

D'Arcy goes to harry's place looking for Asta. She breaks into the basement, and looking for Asta, finds Dead Harry in the freezer.

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Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Louis: Your relationship with Liv reminds me of me and your mom before she up and left me.
Mike: You mean when she DIED?
Louis: I'll never forgive her for that.

Also, it's not a thing. It's a leg. You are leg-shaming me.