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Henry struggles to figure out how to handle Jacob's return. 

Exhuming Jacob's grave only heightens the mystery when Maggie and Marty find his remains wearing a carbon copy of the clothing Jacob was found in.

Jacob tells Marty about his encounter with and dream about Caleb.

Marty goes to see Caleb, who is washing blood off of his hammer when he arrives.

Caleb claims to remember dying and shares his thoughts with Marty, then he laughs. That's what he wants to hear, right?

Caleb told Jacob to lie because things won't end well for that kid when people find out and start poking and prodding him.

Henry goes to see Maggie for muscle relaxants for his hand cramps. She wants to do a full exam. He asks what's inside of Jacob's coffin.

Caleb ate all the food in the refrigerator, but Elaine doesn't believe Ray.

The town busybody talks to Tom about Lucille believing Jacob is her son. When he says he's sure God will show them the way, she asks if he's sure God's the one behind this.

Fred asks Jacob if the man with Aunt Barbara when she died tried to push her in. Jacob says no, he was trying to save her and not let her go. Jacob ignores any questions about who or what he is.

Caleb takes lunch to Elaine and she breaks down in tears. He can't believe boys haven't been lining up to marry her. 

Maggie and Marty encounter three hunters in the woods, one that Maggie knows named Andy.

Fred goes to a bar and starts talking about discovering bad things about his wife after she died and how he wished he had learned the guy had killed his wife so doors would be opened. Instead, he didn't. The man who cheated is in the bar.

Maggie and Marty go to Caleb's hunting shack to see where he died and discover many holes dug in the ground.

Lucille chastises Henry for treating Jacob poorly and he responds by telling her there are two and asking what he's supposed to do with that.

Tom arrives at his office at church to learn the church board has come to a decision: until they truly know what is going on with him, Jacob and Lucille aren't welcome in the church anymore. Tom refuses to ban anyone from the church, but busybody says it's their church.

Marty finds the face in one of the holes at Caleb's cabin. It's a mask. Someone is watching them but runs when Marty calls out. It's Ray. He tells them the man pretending to be his dad dug the holes.

Ray tells Marty and Maggie that Caleb hardly ever sleeps and eats all the time. Ray thinks a plane that crashed into the river the day Caleb died was a spaceship and Caleb is an alien.

Henry and Jacob are making boats. Every time Henry remembers his son his arm spasms. 

Marty and Maggie are getting closer.

Henry admits to Maggie that he blamed himself for Jacob's death because he taught his son to love the river.

Henry never let go of his son's image in his head and that's why he cannot accept the return of this new Jacob. Lucille is appalled that Henry would hold that against her.

Caleb and Ray are working together to fix a motorcycle and Ray lets him in.

Marty goes to Mr. Gether's house and discovers the blood leading to his dead body.

Tom is closing up the church and finds someone in the chapel. It's a woman named Rachel and asks Tom if she really died.

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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Humans built cities for a reason; to protect ourselves from nature.


Henry: What'd you find in there?
Maggie: We found Jacob's remains. Everything was normal. Uncle Henry, I'm sorry we put you through that.