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The town comes together to mourn the loss of Tom who died. Before passing, he has a vision of a perfect life with Rachel and the baby. Janine is in shock after finding out and tries to keep Rachel at her sisters house. She tries to leave and Janine informs her about Tom's death. Rachel doesn't believe her and starts trying to flee. She must pretend to understand Janine, in order to hit her and escape. 

Margaret seeks help from her son, Fred as Henry is about to make a mistake with Addison. Fred gets the check back and gives it to his brother, who then picks an argument. 

Bellamy and Maggie go to the government HQ to ask to use Rachel's body as the cure. They say no, but the woman who helps Bellamy sneaks some medicine in Maggie's bag.

The town comes together to create a vigil for Tom, but a select few anti returned protestors appear and it descends into chaos, as Henry attempts to shut Joey up for comments he makes about Jacob. 

Jacob asks his gran if they can leave now, as he doesn't want to hurt his parents anymore. The two of them supposedly leave. 

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I think we have the cure. Everyone's gonna be ok.


I would do anything to keep you both safe.