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Bellamy struggles to come to terms with the fact that he is now one of the returned. He sets off to the woods with Fred after hearing that someone is living in an old hunting shack owned by Caleb. It is not Caleb. It is a man who died in a fire a long time ago.

Margaret finds it difficult to re adjust to life after a 30 year hiatus. Her bond continues to grow with grandson, Jacob. They both help each other understand things.

The government inform Fred that Bellamy is aiding them with a mission and that he will be in Arcadia until then.

 Fred attempts to tell Elaine her father may have returned again but she doesn't believe him and cuts the conversation off.

Tom quits his job at the church and continues to live in the same house as his wife and love. Janine is being nice and respectful to Rachel. Rachel is having nightmares about fire. 

Jacob attempts to revive deceased birds but is caught by his mum who assumes he killed them.

Maggie meets her grandma for the first time.

Margaret is seen at the end of the episode digging up a shallow grave with remains inside.

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I just came to let ya know i'm gonna be part of the scenery for a while.


I can't keep living in a house full of your wifes things.