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Ray is still in hospital. Elaine hasn't left his bedside. Fred shows up with coffee and food for her. Maggie lets rip about having to watch him all her life and the way he acts with her.

Pastor Tom begins to get suspicious of Janine and her intentions as she lies to Rachel to get her away from the house to safety. Rachel is scared and phones Tom who warns her about Janine. Janine is upset when confronted about her journal.

Maggie talks Rachel into a procedure to help her find a cure for the virus. Janine opposes to this and tries to turn Tom against Maggie.

Bellamy finally comes clean to Fred about his past while arguing with the mysterious group who are opposed to the returned.

Henry receives notification that Addison pulled out of the deal. Henry goes with him to the bank and uses his home as collateral without Lucille or his mothers approval.

At the church, tear gas is smashed through the window and while everyone is escaping, Carl knocks down and kills Tom.

Lucille attempts to apologize to Maggie about the way she treated her mom. Maggie initially has none of it, but eventually forgives her.

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

How incompetent do you have to be?


Do you think he saw the cross on the door?