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Bellamy escapes from the facility after being locked in by James and the returned. Rachel is in labor and ready to pop at any moment. The Langston's and Bellamy try to protect her, but James warns that he and the town will storm the house to take the baby if they don't hand Rachel over. 

Margaret sneaks into the house and tells Rachel that James can reunite her with Tom. A gullible Rachel believes her. Margaret saves her family after the town attacks the house. Bellamy tells Rachel that James cannot let her see Tom.

Whenever Rachel's baby is hurt Jacob feels pain. 

Maggie and Bellamy kiss as they don't know if they will survive the night. 

The next morning the news breaks that people all around the world are returning from the dead.

After a one year time jump, Bellamy is heading up a role with Bureau of The Returned. He and Maggie are very much in love. 

Only Fred is still speaking to Margaret. She tries to get Henry's attention, but he just blankly looks at her. 

Everyone, minus Margaret hit the Langstons' for dinner. 

Rachel puts her baby to bed, but loads of flies appear at the window.


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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I know you think i'm the enemy. Heck, maybe I am, but I believe we have a common goal.


Henry: What the hell is she doing here?
Fred: She broke in.