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Human remains are found in the river when Tom is baptizing the returned.

Maggie takes the remains and begins testing them to find out the cause of death.

She finds out there are six bodies, but two different people who have been murdered three times each.

She finds out they have been around since at least the 1930's.

Bellamy tried to get answers from the government. He starts by tricking one of the agents into taking him to see the woman boss.

She is concerned he has no news and five days have passed.

She makes a deal that if he gets her solid information she will let him see his body, but stresses to him that it is merely a vessel.

Bellamy later tells her about the remains and they are seized from a distraught Maggie.

The government keeps their end of the deal and let him see his body. The deceased body is Bellamy as a kid.

After Margaret comments that Jacob should be in school, Lucille and Henry set up a meeting to find out if it would be a good for Jacob.

Lucille is speechless when Jacob's teacher assumes they are his grandparents. Henry finds it funny.

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Margaret: Did you see your father this morning?
Maggie: Yes
Margaret: Did you talk to him?
Maggie: Just about work. Look, I really don't wanna get into this just now.

We all know how people react when it comes to someone different. I want to know how you guarantee his safety?