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The Langstons quickly realize Jacob and Margaret are gone. They start a frantic search for them as a storm continues to brew in Arcadia. Henry, Fred and Bellamy track them down to Margaret's old family barn. She isn't best pleased to see them and informs them that Jacob does not want to leave. Bellamy grabs him and puts him in the car. Margaret tells her sons that she hates the Langston name and hates the two of them for having Langston in her blood. Fred takes her to the facility because she wants to be with her own people.

Bellamy calls in a favor with the government and gets his little sister, Jenny to move in with him. He, Maggie and Jenny go for ice cream and Maggie instantly likes the young girl. Jenny keeps questioning whether Bellamy is married.

Preacher James is next to a tree and is hit by a lightning bolt. The wound turns into the outline of a tree on his back. Jenny knows him from the facility. Upon speaking with Bellamy, we find out that he died saving Bellamy!

Maggie has a cure for Bellamy's illness and informs him he will get it within 24 hours.

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jacob: I miss my parents.
Margaret: I know.
Jacob: Maybe i'll see them again. After they die.
Margaret: Maybe.

Listen buddy, I know you're feeling bad, but your parents - they love you. Everything is going to be ok.