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Margaret continues to speak ill of Barbara. Lucille feels bad about what she said to her. Margaret demands that she doesn't feel sorry. Barbara brought it on herself. 

Pastor Tom makes his own church for the returned, as they are not welcome in the church of Arcadia.

The virus continues to rage on from last week. Carl's brother seems the worst affected. he turns a pale blue color, before disappearing.

Elaine befriends Barbara as she feels bad for her. She then invites Maggie out with them and they attempt to have a girls night. 

Margaret decides to take action after seeing that Barbara stayed over at Fred's. She lures Barbara out by telling her she wishes to make amends, but that isn't the case as we finally find out that the returned can leave if they wish and return to wherever they came from. Margaret sped this for Barbara and she left. Elaine seen her disappearing.

Maggie realizes that Bellamy was the one who informed the government about the remains, which leads them to an argument. 

Bellamy runs off in the closing moments of the episode to find out answers, however we see him in the back of his car as the virus has finally struck him down.

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

We all make mistakes, but the ones that love us, forgive us.


The truth is a slippery thing, these days. Maybe people wanna know, maybe the don't.