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-Senator Kingsley and his wife visit the Graysons.  Kingsley was the attorney who prosecuted Emily's father. 

-Through letters, Emily learns that Victoria had second thoughts and brought evidence to clear David to Kingsley but he ignored it and catapulted his career with David's conviction.

-Kingsley had an affair and his mistress is pregnant. He paid for her abortion but she obviously didn't go through with it. She turns up at his fundraiser, very pregnant.

-With Nolan's help, Emily sends Kingsley a video of him and the mistress. She also sent the texts and e-mails making it appear that Kingsley asked the woman to attend his fundraiser and that he'd leave his wife for her.

-Kingsley chooses to resign from public office. Emily decides to release the sex tapes to the press anyway. He could have saved her father and didn't. She wants to destroy his entire life, not just his career.

-Mr. Porter is dead. Declan feels guilty about calling his father a loser before he died and won't go with Jack to spread his ashes.

-Daniel tells Emily that his ex-girlfriend Sara is still in rehab for a spinal injury caused by his accident while he was driving drunk. The Grayson's covered it up and Daniel never answered for his part in the accident which he regrets. Emily convinces Daniel to apologize to Sara in person. Victoria is furious as she forbade him to ever see the girl again.

-Nolan helps Declan get revenge against Charlotte's boyfriend. They access his webcam and record him having sex with another girl.

-Daniel's college roommate Tyler shows up and flirts with Ashley.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm a big believer in finishing what you start.


Victoria: Charlotte, it's 11 o'clock.
Charlotte: Yes mother, it happens twice a day.