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-Emily tells Amanda what she needs to know to continue her charade. Jack and Amanda get closer.

-Declan gives Charlotte back Victoria's check and tells her he can't get an apartment with her until he finishes school and goes to college.

-Emily finds Nolan's sex tape with Tyler. She lets Daniel know that's why Nolan invested with Tyler. Daniel tells his father.

-When Conrad tries to fire Tyler, Tyler blackmails him with information about him framing David Clarke. Conrad backs down.

-Tyler confronts Nolan and steals his video with their sexcapades and Lydia's threats to Conrad just before her accident.

-Emily's Japanese mentor says he can no longer help her in her plot for Revenge as he feels she's getting too close to Daniel.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You kiss a billionaire once you make 200 grand. I've been kissing Victoria's ass all summer and I'm lucky she lets me call her by her first name.


One thing you can count on. I never forget.