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-Emily Thorne rents a home in the Hamptons. No one knows that Emily is actually Amanda Clark. As a young girl, her father was framed by the wealthy Hamptonites Victoria and Conrad Grayson and sent to prison where he died. Emily wants revenge.

-Wealthy entrepreneur, Nolan Ross is the only one who knows Emily's secret.

-Emily sets up Lydia, her father's former secretary who testified against him. Lydia is having an affair with her best friend Victoria's husband, Conrad.

-Emily spikes Conrad's soup as he cavorts with Lydia in a motel. The symptoms mimc a heart attack and he is rushed to the hospital but is fine.

-At a fundraiser, Emily lets it slip that she saw Lydia with her sick "husband" at the motel. When Victoria hears this she realizes the truth and banishes her good friend from the Hamptons.

-Emily purposefully meets and begins to woo Victoria's son Daniel.

-Flash forward several months and Daniel is shot on the beach at his and Emily's engagement party. Was this part of Emily's plan for revenge?


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Revenge Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Two wrongs can never make a right because two wrongs can never equal each other.


Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.