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-Emily stages a break in to make Daniel think the White Haired Man stole the evidence against his father. Then she gets it to Federal Agent McGowan.

-Emily rescues Nolan from the White Haired Man. When she has the opportunity to kill the assassin she remembers her father saying how much he adored her capacity for love and she lets the man go.

-Ashley tells Daniel she saw Jack and Emily kissing. Daniel confronts Emily and they break up.

-Emily heads to Jack's to tell him the truth and that she loves him only to find that Amanda has returned and she is pregnant with Jack's child.

-Victoria bullies Lydia into turning on Conrad. The two women and Agent McGowan carrying the evidence against Conrad board a private plane for Washington D.C. 

-Charlotte finds out that Declan's new friend Jamie had an affair with a teacher at her last school. Charlotte broadcasts the information throughout school. Declan is furious and swears he'll never speak to her again.

-Watching the news, Charlotte hears that the plane her mother was on exploded after take off. She frantically calls Declan but he won't talk to her.

-Conrad finds Charlotte unconscious in her bedroom, having overdosed on pills.

-Emily fears all of the evidence against the Graysons is lost with the plane but Nolan unencrypted the hard drive and made copies. The video shows that the conspiracy goes much deeper than the Graysons and that Emily's mother may still be alive.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Thanks to a lethal combination of your vitriol and your incompetence, the evidence you stole from me is now in the hands of our most powerful adversary.


In every life there comes a day of reckoning.