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-Amanda decides to stay in the Hamptons and pursue a relationship with Jack, much to Emily's displeasure.

-Tyler steals from Nolan, then tries to get him to invest with him so he can win a full commission at the Grayson Investor party. Per Emily's request, Nolan complies but plans to cancel the deal before it closes.

-Nolan realizes Tyler has a copy of Lydia's speech outing the Grayson's involvement in framing David Clarke.

-The police find Frank's cell phone in the Grayson garden and move Conrad to the top of the suspect list.

-Victoria pays Declan $25,000 to break up with Charlotte but he takes the money, tells Charlotte and they continue to see each other in secret.

-Conrad moves Lydia out of the Grayson estate.

-Emily calls in her mentor from Japan to help her with her plans for Revenge.

-Amanda tells Jack she is the real Amanda Clarke. Jack asks Emily if he and Amanda can use the porch swing Amanda's father built. Emily is shocked, but tries to cover and agrees.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I swear these people are barking mad.


I have to run errands for little Mary suicide.