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This week, on Revenge ...

  • We flash back to 2008 and see Aiden and Emily going through one of Takeda's training exercises. Aiden ends up leaving training early to help save his sister. Emily wanted to come too, but he leaves her alone, and Takeda lectures her about leaving her heart behind.
  • WHM is dead. Ems and Aiden find a passport on him revealing his name, and learn he is in contact with her mom. Then Emily ends up knocking Aiden out with a wine bottle.
  • Flashing back again, we finally see how Victoria got off the plane - WHM threatened Charlotte and Victoria if she did not do so and help him take Conrad down.
  • Emily meets with Victoria in the present day and is told to stay away from the Graysons. Victoria is planning a press conference to explain her "story."
  • Amanda is told by Emily to deliver something to Charlotte.
  • Emily and Aiden end up making a trade: Aiden gets all of the WHM's belongings while Emily gets the recorder from Victoria's non-plane crash Aiden stole. But she switches out the SIM card to his phone and keeps a watch of his with Kara's photo.
  • About to be outed by her own children, Victoria holds a press conference where she announces that Charlotte is David Clarke's daughter and that she will not be intimidated by her "kidnappers."
  • Amanda is in attendance and Victoria invites her on stage along with the rest of her family. Jack is not pleased with the family dynamic and sort of breaks it off with her.
  • Emily listens to the WHM's messages and hears her mom's voice. After Aiden stopped by earlier (he pretended to be a detective), Kara says she is going dark as they discussed.
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Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

WHM: After the ding of the seat belt sign, the next thing you hear will be 14 ounces of plastic explosives detonating. My proposition: Conrad's demise is mutually beneficial. All it requires is splitting Charlotte's inheritance. Decline and your daughter will be joining you in the Grayson family plot.
Victoria: I'm listening.

Victoria: News hounds won't stop until they get my story.
Daniel: What exactly is your story?