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In the wake of the latest attack by the Initiative, Emily and Nolan tell Aiden to go on the run in order to save himself from becoming the next David Clarke. She later learns the truth about both Takeda's murder and his revenge plan.

Jack asks Victoria for help locating the laptop that was stolen from his apartment. When it's not in the safe, Jack leaves Grayson Manor. Victoria later tells Conrad all about Jack's plan to expose his conversation with Nate Ryan, so Conrad tries to set Jack up to be inside Grayson Global because he knows an explosion will take place at a certain time. Jack gets out of the building just in time.

Nolan tells Jack to trust Emily again.

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

[to Declan] What is it Charlotte sees in you anyway? I get the forbidden fruit thing, but you are particularly low hanging.


Darkness scares us. We yearn for the comfort of light as it provides shape and form allowing us to recognize, to define what's before us. But what is it we're afraid of, really? Not the darkness itself, but the truth we know hides within.