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Emily begins sifting through the wreckage of her life on Revenge Season 4 Episode 21. Following the explosion at the Manor, Emily arrives on the scene with no idea what has happened. David takes her back to the beach house while the firefighters continue fighting flames. 

Tony spent the night at Nolan's and cooked breakfast for Ems' favorite hacker. Louise and Margaux discuss the fire at Grayson Manor and that they can't get in touch with Victoria. Margaux finds a letter on her desk from Victoria.

Emily tells Nolan she was too late to stop Jack from leaving but she ran into Mason Treadwell. As they discuss plans to stop Mason, Emily and Nolan learn that there's a body among the wreckage. Margaux and Louise read Victoria's suicide letter as Emily identifies Victoria's ring for the fire chief.

Emily breaks the news to David that Victoria's body was found among the wreckage of her former home. Ben confirms for David and Emily that Victoria is dead.

Jack and Carl settle into their new life in L.A. with Stevie as they learn that Grayson Manor was destroyed and Victoria Grayson is dead. Nolan can't believe it. He tells Emily about Tony and encourages her to go after Jack. First she has to deal with Mason. He's given her 2 days to clear his name in the killing of Gordon Murphy or he'll send the first 50 pages of his new manuscript to publishers, ruining her chance at a happy life.

Nolan gets  a call from Jack who believes Emily staged Victoria's suicide. Nolan assures him that she did not and then Emily enters asking Nolan to help clear Mason's name. She uses the fire to her advantage and delivers a fireproof box she claims to have found in her home belonging to Conrad Grayson to the US Attorney's office. 

Louise and Margaux wonder how they could have missed Victoria's pain. Louise isn't convinced Victoria actually committed suicide. When Louise gets up to refill their wine, she finds a door in the penthouse which has been busted open, a smashed vase, and blood, and believes Victoria was murdered by the person who attacked her.

Louise confronts Emily at the yacht club the next morning, blaming her for murdering Victoria Grayson. Emily walks in on David pouring something down the drain of his sink and washing it away. It's the poison he once intended to use on Victoria before Daniel was shot. David uses his boat as his alibi instead of telling Amanda that he was at the hospital.

Nolan invites Tony to go on vacation with him and Tony accepts. 

Ben enters the room to interrogate Emily for Victoria's supposed homicide. He questions her about her whereabouts when her house blew up and forces her to tell him that Mason Treadwell isn't dead and he's her alibi witness. She tries calling to have him confirm her alibi but his phone is disconnected. She leaves the interrogation room and runs straight into Jack. Before leaving the precinct, she overhears officers confirming David's alibi and learns he was at the hospital.

Tony visits Nolan at the yacht club and learns that Tony can't go on vacation with him because he's adopting a baby. In order to be a single dad, he needs to be single. 

Jack goes in for questioning with Ben and realizes that Ben thinks Emanda killed Victoria Grayson. Jack also learns that she went to the airport to try and stop him from getting on the plane the night he left.

Amanda waits for David outside the oncology department at the hospital to question him about his cancer. Ben checks on the techs detailing Amanda's car for signs that Mason Treadwell was in it. Louise and Margaux continue working the case of Victoria's death. 

Emily arrives at the beach house ahead of her father and receives a call from Mason Treadwell. He refuses to serve as her alibi since he was actually working with Victoria Grayson to set Emily up. Just as a video message from Victoria is deleted from her phone, Ben and the police arrive to arrest her and Jack has come to the beach house to talk.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Ding dong, the bitch is dead. Victoria Grayson has actually taken her last breath.


Crazy Capote is back! I thought you had exiled him to the Maldives. Can't anyone follow a simple revenge plan?