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On Revenge Season 4 Episode 19, Emily's press conference continues as she reveals to the world she is Amanda Clarke.

Louise and Victoria sit on the beach and sift through the sand looking for the flash drive Lyman held in his hands as he fell to his death. Louise tells Victoria she wants the entire truth about Emily and Nolan's identities. 

Emily tells Nolan and Jack that she's going to be known as Amanda Clarke as they discuss the radio silence from Margaux and Victoria. Emily gets news that the Feds are coming after her for fraud since David Clarke made a deal with them following his 20 year ordeal. Nolan has been tracking their Red Sharpie takedowns and reveals that one of them has been making quite a few phone calls.

Kingsley, their first takedown, seems to be getting a coalition together to come after them. 

Victoria hires a hacker to decrypt Nolan's files. Louise returns from meeting with her attorney and tells Victoria that she isn't sure Nolan is a bad person. Victoria presses the issue.

Both Jack and Nolan answer the door at Emily's house when Ben knocks. He's angry at her for not calling and for not considering him and the fallout for his career after she went public with her identity. 

Victoria tells Louise the story of Emily's arrival in the Hamptons but with a Very Victoria twist. Emily only came to destroy Victoria. Clearing David Clarke's name doesn't factor into her narrative. Louise still isn't convinced that Nolan was involved. Victoria continues to make her case by blaming Emily, again, for Pascal's death and saying that Nolan is the one who gave her the information to do that.

Louise walks in to find Nolan deleting files from his black laptop. She hands him divorce papers and when he asks to talk, she tells him there's nothing left to talk about. He realizes the information on his laptop has been compromised. 

Emily visits Tom Kingsley to call him off. When he tells her he plans to move forward with his plan to take her down, David steps out of the shadows threatening to end him and anyone else who comes after Amanda. Victoria calls while they're in his office and he promises not to answer.

Margaux sits with a paper and replays some of her happier moments with Daniel. Victoria comes in and wonders where the media circus is. Margaux says she's working on a story to continue clearing Daniel's name and that Emily is not a murderer. Victoria invokes Daniel and Pascal's memories and hopes that will urge Margaux to carry on with their vendetta. Margaux reveals that she lied about Emily's involvement in her accident and says she only lied to Victoria because she couldn't face her with the truth, that going after Emily and being too consumed with rage caused her to step in front of the cab.

Nolan rushes to Emily's house and reveals that Victoria has a copy of enough to ruin everything they accomplished. They watch on a monitor and learn that Victoria is going to the press with the information. Emily heads into the city to stop her.

As a journalist asks Victoria to sit down with her and discuss her last 20 years, Emily arrives. Victoria had just begun to decline the media invitation. Emily offers herself up for a live interview, no questions off limits, on the promise that the network will never put Victoria on air. 

Nolan sits in his living room burning mementos from his various takedowns with Emily when Jack arrives. He says he had a blindspot for Amanda Clarke and Jack says he wasn't alone. Jack helps him remember all the times they shared together in hopes that he'll realize he and Emily/Amanda are really friends. They watch the interview together.

The reporter starts the interview by asking about her relationship with Victoria Grayson. Amanda begins writing the narrative that Victoria is a monster who terrorized a 9 year old girl. She shares the Infinity box and David's journals from prison and credits them for helping her. Amanda continues discussing what it took to become Emily Thorne and what it cost her and she goes immediately to losing the real Emily Thorne.

Amanda gets emotional during the interview as she talks about Charlotte and Aiden. When asked if she had to harm anyone physically to protect her secret, Amanda says she did, but she never killed anyone. She does, however, know someone who has. She doesn't accuse Victoria of killing Aiden, but she doesn't NOT accuse her either. 

Instead, she opts to bring up Victoria's toxic history. Margaux watches and Emily makes an appeal to Victoria to end this. Jack and Nolan discuss the interview and what it will mean as they wait for Amanda to return. Nolan tells Jack that this is his moment; Amanda has returned. 

Victoria looks through an old photo album at pictures of Daniel when Margaux arrives at her penthouse. She calls Amanda cruel and begs Victoria not to let Amanda win. Margaux offers to help Victoria.

Emily visits David after her interview and he tells her he's proud of her. She delivers the Infinity box and his journals to him. He begins to read to her. She tells him she's been chasing her childhood happiness this entire time and relishes the fact that she doesn't know what's coming next.

An ominous hand on a beach circles Amanda's face in red sharpie.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Amanda Clarke is chaos theory and I cannot let this continue.


Emily: Emily Thorne no longer exists.
Nolan: It's the end of an era.