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On Revenge Season 4 Episode 14, Emily helps Nolan and Louise throw a party to celebrate their wedding reception. Louise has control of her family fortune now and has invited every major media outlet, including LeMarchal, to the event. Margaux has accepted the invitation, which Emily finds odd considering the steam room incident. 

Ben and Jack are local heroes for catching Chief Alvarez' killer. The mayor plans to award them both with medals of honor, but Jack tells them he can't be there. He has a wedding reception to attend. The acting chief tells Ben he has to get Jack there because the mayor needs to have confidence in the department.

Victoria plans to start a foundation in Daniel Grayson's name to help disadvantaged children become leaders. Margaux doesn't understand why Victoria thinks people will give money to a foundation named after a man whom people believe died attacking his ex-wife. Victoria thinks the foundation is the way to change people's perception of Daniel but Margaux disagrees and tells Victoria she plans to go up against Emily Thorne in order to clear Daniel's name.

Lyman Ellis arrives in the Hamptons to celebrate his sister's wedding and tries to convince her he had no idea their mother was drugging her. He wants to make peace with her, but their mother is telling the truth about their father's death. He presents her with a police report that supposedly proves she did it. Their mother is bringing the judge that helped her bury the report to the wedding.

Emily helps David choose a tie for the party and then gives her a belated birthday present: her birth certificate. He wants her to come forward as Amanda Clarke but she's unsure.

A paparazzi photo of David and Emily gets splashed onto a gossip page categorizing her as his new flame. Nolan offers to uninvite Margaux from the reception but Emily says she'll handle it.

Victoria tries to assimilate herself back into the echelons of the Hamptons elite by assuming they will help raise money for the Daniel Grayson foundation. The other women wonder if the foundation is unseemly. She meets a new socialite in town and turns the woman away from the table.

Ben tries to talk to Jack about attending the ceremony in their honor. Jack is uncomfortable with the press and attention being paid to him.

Louise tries to cancel the reception and then tells Nolan that she thinks she killed her father. She can't remember anything from the night her father died except standing over his body. Nolan vows to get to the bottom of things.

Emily visits Margaux about the gossip magazine and tells the CEO of the fifth largest media conglomerate in the world that the secrets she holds about Pascal would put Margaux out of business. Margaux says she'll leave Emily's name out of her magazines and when Emily leaves tells her henchman to get his results faster.

Emily invites Ben to meet her at a bar and he thinks she called because of Jack's behavior. She learns that he's bottling everything up, but what she wanted to talk about was whether or not she should go back to being Amanda Clarke after being Emily Thorne for 11 years. 

No one shows up for Victoria's fundraiser for Daniel's foundation except Natalie, the woman she insulted at lunch. 

Jack visits David at the beach house and asks whether or not David would take the medal if it were offered to him. He's reeling from shooting Kate and David consoles him by saying that even though he killed Kate, he saved Emily, David, and Victoria. 

Emily uses a technique learned from Takeda to help Louise uncover her memories from the night her father died. Louise remembers the event and says she didn't kill her father.

The next morning Emily visits Jack because he hasn't been returning her phone calls. He decides to attend the award ceremony. Afterward, he tells the acting chief that they need to talk. He quits the force.

Louise is a no-show at the reception. She leaves behind a note that says she did‚Äč kill her father and then she takes off to the middle of nowhere. Emily goes after her while Nolan stays behind to entertain their guests. Victoria holds court with the other socialite wives in the Hamptons and uses their secrets to double their donations. 

Emily finds Louise at Clairmont Psychiatric Hospital where she checked herself in. Emily brings along Nolan's wedding present--the real police report--that proves Louise actually did not kill her father. Louise leaves Clairmont with Emily and the two return to the reception.

Margaux and Jack meet at the bar and one of the first things he blurts out is that Daniel died a hero. They toast to Margaux's unborn child. Louise confronts her mother about the forged police report and sends Penelope packing. Lyman stays behind to tell Louise he didn't know what his mother had done. She cuts him and his campaign off.

When the bartender doesn't return to the party, Jack starts tending bar. The party planner starts chatting him up just as he gets a text from Ben asking why he didn't say anything about quitting.

Victoria walks through the manor and remembers what the home was like when it was hers. She's interrupted by Natalie, the new socialite in town. 

Margaux gets the evidence she needs but using it will destroy Jack. Emily ends the night by visiting Ben at home and Jack sees the two of them together.


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Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Emily: Jack tends to keep things inside.
Ben: I'm getting worried. What happens when he runs out of space in there?

Ah yes, the Hamptons. If you don't pretend to forgive everyone that you hate, you never get invited everywhere.