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Emily tries to reunite with her father on Revenge Season 4 Episode 5, but Victoria has the upper hand. Since she was the first one to get to David, she's controlling how the media sees him and who gets access, which proves difficult for Emily. 

At the hotel, someone with a crescent moon tattoo on his hand attempts to run over David Clarke in front of the media gathered to watch his arrival. Emily believes the hit man was hired by Victoria and asks Charlotte for help in getting a one-on-one with David. Victoria tells Charlotte that she's not manipulating things and says that if Emily had told the truth about her identity when she arrived in the Hamptons, Fauxmanda and Declan would still be alive.

Margaux wants an exclusive on David Clarke's return, but Victoria won't return her calls. She once again offers to help Daniel reframe his image in the public eye, but he declines knowing that he has to keep his personal life personal. Margaux tells him to do what it takes to keep Louise happy so that he can continue to maintain her portfolio and Louise ups her flirting ante. Daniel succumbs to her advances.

When reporters start tailing Jack asking questions about Amanda and Declan's deaths, the chief pulls him off the job until the news of David Clarke's return blows over. Ben wonders why no one is looking into Conrad Grayson's death and decides to investigate it himself.

Instead of introducing Emily to David, Charlotte takes David to meet Jack. Emily gets a text telling her to come up to the hotel room and believes she's going to meet her father but Victoria opens the door.

David shows up at Nolan's house and Nolan urges him not to believe the many things he's hearing about his daughter. Emily, Nolan, and Jack plan to bring David to the beach house so that Emily can get David away from Victoria and reveal herself as Amanda Clarke. She uses Daniel and Margaux to do it. Margaux gets her exclusive.


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Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

[to Margaux] You won't hear from her. She's gonna keep working this three-ring circus like P.T. Barnum in stilettos.


Hey, Emily. Those might be fists of fury, but they're still made of flesh and bone.