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The series finale, Revenge Season 4 Episode 23, begins with Emily learning that Detective Hunter is dead. A new detective believes she may have had something to do with his death and vows to find out.

Victoria and Margaux rendezvous at their new headquarters and Margaux says she never meant for Ben to die. Victoria will be boarding a private jet for Montpellier the following day and both Charlotte and Patrick have been invited to her funeral. The woman whose body Victoria burned in Emily's home was that of her own mother. 

During a hearing which she and her lawyer call, Amanda Clarke confesses to the murder of Victoria Grayson. David can't believe it but Nolan thinks the plan is genius. He and Jack must now enact a plan to break her out of jail once she's moved to a maximum security facility. 

Louise speaks at Victoria's funeral and calls the loss of Victoria Grayson a tragedy. Victoria watches from the back of the church. After the funeral, Victoria tells Margaux to bring Louise to see her. Victoria wants to let her in on their plan and ask her to keep up the charade that she's dead. 

Emily and Jack investigate Mary Gaines' house and learn that she was Victoria's mother and her house was the spot of Ben's death. She and Jack are trapped there while the police look for Amanda. He assures her she's safe with him.

Nolan tracks Margaux's bank account and finds White Gold. When she receives another deposit frm Margaux's account, Nolan calls Emily to tell her she's next on the list. White Gold returns to Mary Gaines' house only to find Jack there instead. She stabs him and disappears when a SWAT team breaks in the front door.

Jack is in critical condition in the hospital and Emily vows to put Victoria Grayson in the ground. Nolan vows to put Margaux right beside her. Neither of them know how to find Victoria and just then Louise appears revealing Victoria's location. 

Margaux receives autopsy photos of Ben on her computer and gets a surprise visit from Nolan. Jack wakes up and David is in the room. Jack asks for David's blessing to marry Amanda and David gives it freely.

Louise brings Amanda to Victoria while Nolan and Margaux set White Gold up. Nolan takes a knife to the hand and Victoria takes a bullet to the chest, courtesy of David who shows up to save Amanda from life in prison. As he and Amanda are talking about what he's just done, Victoria shoots Amanda in the back.

Charlotte brings flowers to Amanda who is at David's grave. He lived out his final days at the beach house with his daughter. Emily and Jack get married and Charlotte is Emily's maid of honor. 

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You're not going anywhere Miss America's Most Wanted!


When I was a little girl the delineation between good and evil was as clear as night and day. But as life grows complicated that line blurs and we learn to justify our actions when we believe we've crossed it. If we aren't careful, those choices can fill us with darkness leaving us destined to never see light again.