If you've been waiting for Emily to reveal her identity to David, wait no longer! Watch Revenge online now to see the moment for yourself!

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It's the moment none of us knew we were waiting for and the reason we'll all watch Revenge online! Emily Thorne reveals her identity to David Clarke!

After finding pictures of Amanda's life with Jack in a safe deposit box, Emily is overcome with emotion and can no longer hide her identity from her father. This after 20 hours of trying to figure out what he's been hiding for the past 12 years.

Daniel reveals that he knows Emily's secret, thanks to Charlotte, and wonders why she came for him and whether there was ever anything real between them. She says yes, but only before he decided to align himself with Conrad. After that, he became another target in her game.

Now, his client Louise has Margaux in HER targets, and after Louise attempts to kill Margaux, Daniel's lover figures out that the reason he won't drop Louise as his client is because he slept with her. She throws a drink in his face and marches out of his room, as one does.

Victoria pays a stripper to say that she tried to connect with Amanda but Amanda refused. David believes her until Emily shows up at the beach house and reveals her identity to him. Victoria is injured trying to leave the house.

Episode Details

On Revenge Season 4 Episode 7, Daniel confronts Emily about the secrets she's been keeping. And there are A LOT of secrets she's been keeping.

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