What happens when Malcolm Black arrives in the Hamptons with his sights set on David Clarke? Watch Revenge online now to find out!

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Malcolm Black makes his presence known on Revenge Season 4 Episode 12. Watch Revenge online to see what happens when he shows up on Jack Porter's doorstep and threatens Toddler Carl. Jack confronts David about Malcolm's return to life, since David thought he died in Miami, and David promises to take care of it. David's plan is to die trying to kill Malcolm Black. Jack has a different plan and goes to the police with information contained on a flash drive. Malcolm gets arrested by the Montauk PD, turned over the Feds, and then released on lack of evidence. Despite the entire flash drive of criminal activity. Oh, okay. Ben overhears Victoria telling Margaux the story of Emily Thorne's time in the Hamptons. Emily helps Nolan with a takedown. Nolan wants to stop Lyman Ellis from taking his sister back to Georgia and Emily thinks Louise is dangerous and should leave. Later she changes her mind when she realizes that someone in the Ellis family has been poisoning Louise and causing her delusions and violent outbursts. Louise begs them not to ruin her brother's career but Nolan uses the information to send Lyman away, hopefully for good.

Episode Details

On Revenge Season 4 Episode 12, David wants to get out of his debt to Victoria. Elsewhere during the hour, Emily assists Nolan with a takedown.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Nolan: Ems, you're finally going to get your happy ending. I'm really going to miss you.
Emily: Oh, please. You're already hobnobbing with hot redheads.
Nolan: You know gentlemen prefer blondes.

David: Do you remember when we moved here? We thought it was Heaven.
Emily: Well, the Devil can have it.