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Family man Nate Hallo leads a bank-robbery crew in his Reverie. By ignoring Paul's instructions, Mara is interacting with the derealization of her late niece Brynn. A call from Charlie interrupts them. Nate has been entranced by Reverie for three months, and his pregnant wife Annie is threatening to sue Onira-Tech. Mara asks and gets one day to talk Nate into leaving Reverie. She enters Reverie, then wades right into the middle of a shootout between Nate's gang and police. He escapes by chopper, throwing money as he goes. Charlie is having Paul monitor Mara, because he's concerned about her. Mara takes in an armored car with her, to attract Nate's attention. Nate finds Mara sitting in the back of it. She explains to Nate what's happening in his real world, but he refuses to leave. He locks Mara in the back end and has a henchman drive toward a wall, forcing her to exit the program. Mara visits Annie, who tells her about a break-in she and Nate experienced. Charlie searches Mara's home. Mara burns Nate's car and steals his loot to get him to chase her. Mara almost convinces him to leave Reverie, then he hears a motorcycle. The driver drags Nate back in. Paul says the program may have created the mystery motorcyclist. To illustrate, he takes her into his Reverie, to show how he deals with his nervous disorders. Mara deduces that Nate's attacker is a Reverie version of the man who broke into his home. LAPD finds Nate's real attacker, but can only hold him if Nate identifies him. The attacker returned to threaten Nate, and that's when he entered Reverie. Mara convinces him to leave Reverie. He IDs his attacker. Charlie confronts Mara about her derealizations, but lets her stay.  Mara visits her sister's apartment in Reverie.

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Reverie Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

He was standing on a car, holding a gun, a bag of money, and taunting the police. If that's not a depressed suburbanite's fantasy, I don't know what is.

Mara [to Paul]

Nate: Stop distracting me. I'm in the middle of a robbery here.
Mara: Yes, I know. I can see that.