Tiny Dancer - Reverie Season 1 Episode 6
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Thanks to Reverie, former ballet dancer Holly Maxwell, now in a wheelchair after a biking accident, can dance again. Chris, Mara's former lover, is at Onira-Tech with Holly, his patient. Mara goes into Reverie and Holly agrees to leave. Then Holly runs away and locks herself in a dressing room. Mara wonders why Holly is dancing in an empty theater. Holly's sister Viv tells Mara about Zeke, Holly's ex-boyfriend who dumped her right after the accident. Charlie cautions Chris to be clear about his intentions toward Mara. After dinner, Mara and Chris almost kiss before separating. Mara goes back into Reverie and challenges Holly to teach her dance. Holly goes along with that until Mara starts asking about Zeke. Then there's a knock at the dressing-room door and Holly declares the lesson over. Zeke tells Mara that Holly broke up with him. Paul tells Mara there has to be a backdoor that goes behind that locked door. Holly has developed a pulmonary embolism. A second door leads Mara to a fairy-tale house in a meadow, where a young girl, Sadie, lives. Sadie is the daughter Holly would have had with Zeke but who didn't survive her accident. Mara tells Holly she's dying. Holly won't leave Sadie behind. Alexis wants to disable Holly's BCI and pull her out involuntarily, even if it might cause brain damage. Mara visits Chris for advice. He tells Mara it's not all right to give up, either for Holly or herself. Mara goes to see Viv at her studio, and Viv collapses. She has MS, and she's never told Holly. Mara goes back into Reverie and tells Holly about Viv's condition. Holly agrees to leave on one condition: that she dances once with Sadie. Holly starts teaching at Viv's studio. Mara visits her comatose brother-in-law.

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Reverie Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mara: I was in a really bad place, Chris.
Chris: I know. I was there.
Mara: Yes, you were.

Mara: Do you know what my Reverie is today? No traffic, no cars. I'm the only one with a car and everyone else walks.
Paul: We do have one like that. But the car Reverie people prefer to smash into other cars.
Mara: Sounds good.
Paul: Remind me never to ride-share with you.