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Seven clients are refusing to leave the Reverie virtual-reality program. Mara Kint is a former police negotiator who left the force after a family tragedy. Charlie Ventana, Mara's former boss, is now head of security at Onira-tech, which developed the Reverie program. He's recruiting Mara to retrieve those clients stuck in Reverie. Reverie is a dream world constructed from a client's social-media footprint. Mara quit being a negotiating when she failed to talk down her brother-in-law, who killed her sister, her niece and himself. She's now drinking and popping pills. Lexi has developed a new version of Reverie which allows two people to interact in a shared virtual world. This is how Mara can enter a client's dream world. Mara meets Paul Hammond, who creates the dream worlds. He trains her to enter Reverie. Mara makes it through training and finds at the end a world with lit paper lanterns, her fondest memory. Then she enters the program of Tony Lenton, the first client who wouldn't leave the program after two weeks. He was driving when his wife Naomi was killed in a car crash. Tony spots Mara, realizes she doesn't belong in his Reverie, and tries to lose her. Mara is distracted by a sighting of her niece's stuffed rabbit. Mara takes her cues from a blue butterfly, which leads her to the site of Tony's dream date with Naomi. Tony confronts Mara, says she's ruining the program, and pushes her over a railing, causing her to exit Reverie. Tony's stepdaughter Iris explains that what Mara saw was when Tony proposed to Naomi. Mara talks to Allison Young, Naomi's best friend. Tony was on a stimulant when he crashed, so he blamed himself about Naomi's death. Mara convinces Tony to return to Iris. When Mara is dumping her booze and pills, she has a vision of her niece.

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Reverie Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

These are skills you can use on a job interview, on a date, in bed. It's a whole new way of seeing the world. But you have to look up [pulls a student's gaze away from her phone].

Mara [to her students]

This is a radical problem. Perhaps it requires a radical solution.

Alexis [to Charlie]