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Charlie, Aaron, and Nora are captured by Monroe's militia. Monroe uses Charlie and Danny as leverage to get Rachel to build a real amplifier while Miles is able to save Aaron and Nora. Miles and Nora sneak in Monroe's encampment to save the Mathesons.

Charlie and Danny escape and reunite with Nora. Rachel stabs her capture and reunite with Miles, and she proceeds to slap him. Rachel runs off to reunite with Charlie and Danny when Monroe stops Miles. Miles and Monroe end their friendship as Miles escapes.

The episode ends with Miles, Charlie, Rachel, Nora, Aaron, and Danny all running from Monroe's camp as a helicopter takes flight and spins its gun.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Run you idiot!


You're not the same person. You're too far-gone. I see it now. We are not family, not anymore. I have a family. You are nothing to me.