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Charlie, Jason, and Nora work to keep Monroe from getting his hands on anthrax by kidnapping the scientist developing it. When Tom and Miles agree to transport the scientist to the Georgia federation Nora, Jason, and Charlie try to help the scientist escape with his family. With a little reasoning from Charlie, Miles agrees. Tom and Miles clash over this, and Miles tells Tom he'll always be on top because he's smarter than him and he's winning so Kelly will never be upset with him in the long run.

While on the way to the Tower Aaron and Rachel steal some food, when the man they stole from tries to kill them Rachel shoots and kills him. During their escape, Rachel trips and falls breaking her leg. She tells Aaron to leave and continue to the tower. Aaron refuses, but she shows him Jane's notebook and in it is an article with Aaron's accomplishments in it.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I have to say, you are the most irritable pain in the ass I have ever known.


Aaron: Since when do you have a gun?
Rachel: Since Miles gave it to me.