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Revolution is finally back!

The gang is able to elude Monroe's helicopter by hiding in an old Diner's refrigerator. Monroe gives the order to take down rebel camps and begin planning to sweep across the entire country to take it over.

Charlie is able to warn the rebels, thanks to Jason, of Monroe's impending invasion. Rachel and Miles get a pendant of their own, from one of her old friend's John, and a rocket launcher. They get back to the site, but Miles is knocked flat by a missile. Danny takes up the launcher and down the chopper with the amplifier in it. The other chopper loses power and goes spinning sending a flurry out bullets out and right through Danny, killing him.

At the end of the episode Rachel removes a tracking device from Danny's abdomen.

Meanwhile, Flynn offers Monroe some help, and Grace learns she's being kept at the tower.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Those choppers, we're not fighting. We're butchering.


I'm coming with you, someone's gotta keep you in one piece.

Miles [to Rachel]