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Monroe, Miles, Connor, and Rachel come back to find Rachel and Gene working with the Patriots on the Typhus outbreak. Rachel comes down and offers her help to the outbreak, but Truman warns her that they’ll be having a little chat once the outbreak is over.
Back in Washington D.C. Julia and Tom agree that they need to figure out a way to get Jason out. In a flashback, two years after the blackout Tom and Julia are looking for looking for food for Jason. Tom attempts to jump some campers, but they brutally beat him up.
At the quarantine camp, Gene says that it’s responding like Typhus but not spreading as fast as it should be. Rachel does a blood test and sees that it’s not a naturally occurring form of Typhus. Instead, the proteins were chemically attached. Rachel sends a message to Miles; who then heads out to find the potential cure at another camp. They head to Willoughby, but turn up empty.
Aaron has visions of his second wife, Cynthia, who tells him he has to face it. That all his answers will be answered in Lubbock, Texas. 
In the flashback, Tom states that he cannot do his one job of protecting his son, and Julia says they’re going about it all wrong. He’s strong, but there’s plenty of strong people, they need to start using their smarts. Their strengths. Julia then goes to the same men, and she helps Tom kill them both. Back in the present, Julia and Tom stick to their plan of rescuing Jason, but it all goes awry when the patriots are ready and waiting for them.
Rachel figures out the Patriots are targeting certain people. Weeding out the people they deem undesirable. Miles, Monroe, and Connor kidnap Truman for the antidote, but he’s ambushed by patriot guards.
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Revolution Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Gene: How did you know I was here?
Charlie: Because you’re exactly like Mom! Neither of you will listen!

This poker face is my face.