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Rachel and Aaron's attempt to free Priscilla from the nano is unsuccessful, but inside Priscilla's mind she hears Aaron yelling and strikes of lightning. The nano knocks out Rachel, and Aaron continues calling out to Priscilla. Priscilla realizes it's all the nano and forces herself to wake up. Back at Willoughby, the Patriots are putting their plans into motion for the mustard gas, but Miles and the rest put their counterattack into motion. 

Truman and the President escape, and Truman puts his Plan B into motion by shooting and killing the Texas President, his two guards, and the President's two guards. He and the President make us of this staging to get war declared on the California Republic and throw Miles and Monroe in the thick of the blame once again. 

Connor and Tom decide they need to kill the president, and Monroe has the same idea, but Miles suggests they kidnap him. Connor and Tom lay in wait, but they soon hear gunfire. The President's been kidnapped. The group gets pinned down and Miles asks Monroe to take the President and meet them at the rendezvous point. Rachel and Charlie wonder what he's thinking, and Miles says he has faith in him. At the meetup point, Monroe ties up the President and goes to get water. Connor runs into Monroe and tries to talk some sense into him, but Monroe tells Connor that he can't go along with their plan. Connor says he threw his life away for him. Tom tries to gun him down, but Monroe soon traps them both in the safe house he was using. 

Monroe meets up with the rest of them, and Rachel and the President have a conversation. She gets him riled up just as the the Patriot soldiers come marching in. When the President orders them to be killed, the Texas Rangers come in and hear of the entire plan. At the Texas encampment, the Texans begin killing every single Patriot and declare war on the US, which will be gone by the end of the summer. 

Charlie tells Miles that he should give it a real shot with Rachel. Priscilla finally wakes up with Aaron by her side, and thanks him for saving her. Priscilla says she saw the nano leaving her and saw what it was thinking, and that she saw millions of people swarming mindless. That it wants to control everything, the entire world, and that if they don't help it the nano will find people who will. The nano go after the Patriot president, Truman, and Tom and go to a place called Bradbury, Idaho.

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Revolution Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Yeah, you're a real Meryl Streep.


Rachel: How can you be so sure?
Miles: I'm trying something new: prayer.

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