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Aaron wakes up back in a world with power, but can't remember is something is wrong. Aaron finds himself out of place in this world wondering if food is scarce. On the news, he sees Rachel giving an explanation about the nanotech pops. Aaron continues to have flashbacks. 

When Aaron thinks the blackout is just a dream and goes about his life. He has a vision of the "bell shirt girl" (Charlie) who tells him he really is dreaming. She tells him it's like the matrix or a virtual reality program. The nanotech are taking over him. Charlie is shot and killed by white haired guy. 

Aaron finds Rachel and tries to explain the situation, and holds her up at gunpoint. He asks her to take him to Miles and Monroe. He asks them to be them, and when XXXX comes back and captures Aaron the three of them remember. They head back to Aaron's building so he can jump off and hopefully wake up from his nano induced dream. 

Aaron jumps only to find himself strapped down in the chair in his building by XXXX.  Aaron realizes the code is dying, and begins to take control of his mind again. Aaron wakes up back in the post-powered world.  

With the nano dying, Priscilla and Aaron wonder what they will do now, but decided to head home to Willoughby. They run into Miles and Rachel again. They show them the patriots are stockpiling electronics, and soon find uncontrollable lightning strikes hitting the ground. Aaron wonders if this is the death throws of the nanotech. When a strike hits Rachel, Aaron decides to fix the code to help Rachel. Only to realize that it was all a trap.

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