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Aaron escapes from the Patriots’ captivity with Cynthia by knocking out forty armed men. As Charlie, Miles, and Rachel follow his trail they wonder how he actually did it. Aaron wakes up in the school, and finds a boy in it.

The trio loses the trail, but catch up with Monroe. The Patriots find Aaron and Cynthia. When Cynthia wakes up and sees Aaron talking she tells him there’s no boy.

In a flashback, six years before the blackout, Rachel meets Miles right before his deployment. She tells him he loves her. All he needs to do is say it too, and he’ll leave Ben.

Tom joins the secretary’s security detail, and later, on a train, he runs into his wife, Julia. Miles shows Monroe the infection that has spread across his arm.

Back at the schoolhouse, the image is Kevin a childhood friend of Aaron’s. Kevin tells Aaron that they are alive because he woke them up. That he made them. The Patriots and Miles, Rachel, Monroe and Charlie all end up in the school as well.

Miles and Rachel end up in a classroom, and Miles faints from his spreading infection. He tells Rachel he should have never left her. Monroe and Charlie get caught in a firefight with the rest of the soldiers. The Doctor shoots and kills Cynthia trying to earn a cure from Aaron for his tumor. Aaron orders the nanotech to kill everyone.

The nanotech, confused by Aaron’s orders, do what he first asks them to and leave.

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Revolution Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Monroe: I did the best I could.
Miles: Well, your best sucks.

I’m Batman.