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Monroe and Conner are captured, and Monroe’s old betting partner decides to put them together in a fight to the death. The winner will then be able to walk away. Monroe decides they need to wait for Charlie and hope she can get them out, but in the meantime he will teach Connor how to kill him.
Tom, Miles, Rachel, and Jason meet up and go back to the quarantine camp. Jason tells Tom that they’re building a reeducation center. They decide to pick up Julia’s new husband. Charlie goes to Duncan’s camp and asks for help by using Duncan’s emotions for Monroe against her. Duncan takes her in.
Miles and Rachel discuss whether or not to trust the Nevilles. Miles worries about Rachel’s safety.
Back in Texas Aaron and Priscilla are still locked up by Peter. Aaron and Priscilla have visions of the lost loved ones who ask them to save them, they’re dying. Connor and Monroe argue about dying. Monroe tells Connor how he got his mother killed. In Texas, Peter decides they decide to fix the nanotech; they don’t have a choice and they can’t fight fate.
Peters tells them it’s a new age. It’s a new god. Priscilla refuses to help saying it’s insane and she wants it to die. At Duncan’s camp, she gives Charlie back to Monroe’s bookie as token of goodwill and square up. Priscilla and Aaron argue over what to do with the nanotech. Charlie is locked and chained up, but escapes and saves Duncan’s life. She quickly collects the favor she’s owed from Duncan and saves Monroe and Connor.
Aaron and Priscilla help Peter, but wonder where to start to program the code. Behind them a computer boots up with the code in place. Miles notices something amiss with the covered wagon they’re about to ambush and decides to turn on Tom by letting it pass right on by. The four are in a stand off. Miles asks what the real story is, and Tom explains that right now he needs to save Julia and he needs Monroe. They can paint the town red with Patriot blood later. Miles refuses saying that he’s on their team now.
Duncan gives them five men, but they only follow Charlie. Aaron figures out the problem, but as he continues to code it becomes obvious he is installing a virus. Lights begin to explode and eventually the computer does too. Aaron suddenly wakes up and finds himself back in 2014.
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