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Monroe and Charlie save Gene who uses maggots to clean out Miles’ wound. Aaron, still reeling over Cynthia’s death, continues to go over the details that the nanotech gave him. Monroe begs Miles to fulfill his end of the deal they made by telling him where his son is. Miles agrees to bring Monroe to him.
Tom, Julia, and Jason head towards the White House. Tom begins to wonder where Julia’s intentions lie. If they go through with their plan to kill the president, Julia’s new husband is next in line to replace him. Julia tells him that with her new husband in command she can whisper in his ear and Tom will be promoted. She’s doing it for them.
Rachel, Monroe, and Miles head south to Mexico to get Monroe’s son. Monroe and Rachel clash on the way since Rachel is helping him find his son but Monroe has killed her own.
Aaron takes off in the middle of the night, and Gene and Charlie head out in different directions to find him. Gene spies a patriot patrol heading into Willoughby. Charlie finds and loses Aaron’s trail. They both meet up back at the hideout, and decide to figure out what the Patriots are bringing back into Willoughby. When Gene and Charlie ambush the second cart heading into town they uncover crates full of oranges.
Back at the White House, Julia and Tom attempt to put their plan into action but are forced to delay it when the president calls a meeting. Jason goes through a patriots document, and Tom finally finds his chance to kill the Chief of Staff.
On the trip south of the border Monroe takes over the wagon and they continue to the city where Miles took the child. Only to find out his Aunt and Uncle died eight years ago. While in a bar asking around for Connor the cartel shows up and wants to know that they’re doing in town. Monroe goes off on a tirade, only to be interrupted my MIles saying the man he’s talking to is his son.
Monroe and his son continue to clash. During the night, Monroe gives talking to him another shot. Monroe reveals his plan: to take back the Monroe Republic with Connor at his side. Connor passes, and pushes him forward to his boss.
The episode ends with the Patriots passing out oranges that are being injected with chemicals, and Aaron in Spring City, Oklahoma following the nanites’ clue where he finds Grace.
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Revolution Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Well, congratulations, you've made to Mexico now go enjoy the Mexican Dream.


You brought my kid down here Miles? This is nice. What’d you do, buy him a handjob and an eight ball?