Isobel's Birthday - Ride
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Tuff finds Isobel pulling another all-nighter waiting for Goldie to give birth. Valeria and other others start planning a birthday party for Isobel, but she hates her birthday.

Missy runs into her mom in town while she's buying Isobel's birthday cake. Her mom thinks Missy has invested too much time into the McMurrays. Later, Valeria agrees with her.

Tuff gives his mom a birthday present and wishes she'd let them take care of her.

Sophie is enchanted with the ranch like Gus. Gus explains his parents wish he was more business savvy.

VValeria brings beer and joins the poker game. She charms the guys with her card tricks and stories of when was on the road.

Sophie goes missing, and the family gathers to find her. Isobel hears the kids talking about her party. Cody returns and encourages her to let them celebrate her.

Gus thinks Sophie might want to stay at the ranch. Missy finds her at the treehouse, and they talk about families.

The family tricked Isobel into getting her inside for the party. Isobel tries to make Connie feel welcome, but Connie soon leaves.

Tuff demands an explanation about the fake IDs. Valeria admits she had a gambling debt and was working to pay it off, but didn't want Tucker to find her. Isobel reassures her it's over now.

As Valeria burns her IDs, there is a flashback of her as Estella with a dying mom.

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Ride Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Julian: I wish I had half as much as you did.
Tuff: At least for now, you have me.

Connie: I just don’t want you to repeat my mistakes and fall for another cowboy who’s going break your heart.
Missy: Austin didn’t break my heart, Mom. He died. And he was nothing like Dad.