Convincing the Town - Ride
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Cody warns Isabel that the locals aren't happy about the stadium.

Missy agrees to judge a pageant and get away from the stress. Missy finds Cash practicing on a mechanical bull. She tells him about Austin cheating and quits.

Daniel Booker wants to use professionals as PR, whereas Isabel wants to involve the community.

Cash tells Isabel that he has difficulty doing nothing after everything he saw in the war. It's par of his PTSD, and she needs to trust him.

Cash is conflicted about riding with his broken arm. Missy fits in with the pageant girls and missed it. She likes the one who is into equine therapy. Missy remembers Isabel coaching her.

Janine found lyrics to a new song. She realized Tuff wrote it. Missy and Gus had an awkward first date with mixed signals.

Isabel went to Denver to find out why Missy quit. They come to an understanding, but Isabel is worried about her.

Isabel asks Susan what happened at the BBQ and confirms with Cash.

Missy takes Gus and Sophie backstage at the pageant. Susan isn't pleased that Frontier's choice didn't win, but Missy voted for Georgia.

Janine and Julian try to convince Tuff to sing his song. Isabel tells the community that Canyan isn't for sale, and they'll work together on this stadium.

Cash decides not to ride in Denver to let his hand heal and makes up with Missy. He enters the mechanical bull riding contest and beats Austin's score.

Tuff plays the original song he wrote for his family. Gus comes to apologize if he kissed Missy before she was ready, but she reassures him and kisses him, which Cash sees.

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Ride Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Missy: Austin cheated.
Cash: Huh? But Polly said…
Missy: Not on me. He cheated at bull riding.

Missy: Cash, I am your coach. Your mother is mad enough at me as it is. I told her you were taking it easy.
Cash: I am. I’m not riding Bullet. I’m riding a bull that a bunch of girls so at their bachelorettes. This is my career.