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-The housekeeper who let Henry into Tyler's room comes forward and Henry is arrested. Siobhan tries to buy her off but she reports the payoff to the police. The police haul in Bridget for questioning thinking she's Siobhan but Bridget knows nothing about the payoff and is confused.

-Tim tells Henry he knows that he cheated on Gemma with Siobhan and he plans to destroy them both. Tim takes custody of Henry's twins after he is arrested.  Tim tells Andrew he has the thumb drive but he plans to save Martin Charles.

-Catherine slits her wrists at Andrew's. She wants Juliet's forgiveness. Juliet thinks it's a stunt but the doctors say the cuts were deep enough to kill her and recommend Catherine be watched once released.

-Andrew and Bridget allow Catherine to stay with them for a few days until they can make other arrangements. Juliet's surprised how her mother is following doctors's orders.

-Machado breaks into the hitman's house who tried to kill Siobhan and finds hidden pictures of Andrew and Siobhan and a dead man in the freezer. It's the first man who Bridget killed at the loft but his body disappoeared. Later he tracks down who hired the hitman. It's Catherine.

-As Machado frantically tries to call Bridget, Catherine hides her phone and drugs her tea. Bridget realizes it just as she passes out.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Don't panic. It happened again. Someone shot at me.


I rather enjoyed the look on her face when she realized she was screwed.