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-Bridget follows in Siobhan's footsteps and finds a mysterious key and a note saying that she wishes she could forgive her sister but she can't. 

-Bridget tracks down a shooting range where she sees a picture of Charlie/John and finds out that Siobhan and he knew one another.

-Siobhan convinces Henry that they can be together and get Andrew's money. Tyler calls Siobhan via videophone and Henry answers, from bed.  Siobhan covers and tells Andrew that Henry is her brother.

-Siobhan steals the key back.Olivia blackmails Henry into getting his father in law to invest his money with Martin Charles Financial.  When Siobhan hears, she says he's about to lose his money.  She uses the key to unlock a box and plays Henry a recordingg.

-Tessa admits she lied about Mr. Carpenter raping her after Juliet testifies and the charges are dropped. Mr. Carpenter sues Juliet's family for defamation of character. Andrew settles so that Juliet can move on with her life.

-Juliet, Tessa, and Mr. Carpenter meet in a hotel room to celebrate. They set up Andrew to get his money. 

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

My sister lied to me. I wonder what else she lied about.


Andrew: Catherine, in two seconds you're on a plane to Miami,
Catherine: Fine. You're flying me first class.