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Sheriff Keller interviews Polly about her secret plans with Jason. She reveals Jason was going to deliver drugs once for the Southside Serpents.

Jughead has settled in nicely to living with Archie and Fred.

Veronica comes up with an idea to throw Polly a baby shower. Before Betty agrees, Alice Cooper arrives to talk to them both. She confronts them about hiding Polly, but Betty demands that if Alice wants to see Polly, she'll need to be supportive at the shower.

Clifford Blossom hires the construction workers from Fred's team to prevent them from doing the construction job. Fred panics and tells Archie about his financial woes.

Polly asks Betty and Veronica to invite Penelope and Cheryl to the baby shower. Hermione warns Veronica about the war between these two families, and the Blossoms trying to steal the drive-in property.

Fred confronts Clifford about him trying to stop the construction. He's plotting to bleed the owner dry of funds. Archie brings his friends to the yard to help start the development.

Hermione talks some sense into Alice. She tries to get her to show up to the baby shower.

Someone sabotages the electrical box at the construction yard. The two mysterious people beat up Moose and say that if construction resumes, they will be back to stop them.

Fred calls Sheriff Keller to the construction yard, but he isn't able to help. There's no proof that it's Clifford Blossom or the Southside Serpents who caused it.

Polly names Betty as the godmother of her baby.

Fred tries to convince Jughead to come with him to the Serpents' bar to find out the truth, but he refuses. Moose, Kevin, Archie and Joaquin search through the bar, but when Archie confronts someone, Mr. Jones appears to stop a brewing fight. He admits that he didn't sabotage Fred's construction yard.

Both Alice Cooper and Penelope Blossom arrive at Polly's baby shower. They apologize and try to make peace with the expecting mother. Though, this only lasts for a while as the two bicker with each other.

Nana Blossom predicts Polly will have twins - one boy and one girl.

Archie confronts Jughead about his father being a Southside Serpent. He's angry that Jughead would keep this a secret.

Alice and Betty try to convince Polly to move back home. Polly reveals that her father set up an appointment for her to get an abortion.

Jughead comes cleans to Betty. She convinces him to go talk to Mr. Jones to find out the truth about Jason Blossom. He admits to hiring Jason, but he didn't kill him.

Alice Cooper kicks out Mr. Cooper for setting up Polly's appointment. He doesn't want to help raise a kid that has Blossom blood. It's revealed that he did the same thing when Alice got pregnant years ago.

Mr. Jones gives Jason's jacket to Joaquin to hide it. Joaquin is pretending to date Kevin to get inside information from the Keller family. Mr. Jones brings workers to help at the construction yard. It's revealed that Hiram (Veronica's father) hired the goons who sabotaged the electrical grid.

Polly chooses to live at Thorn Hill with the Blossoms instead of returning home to her family.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Cheryl: Oh Polly, come stay with us at Thorn Hill!
Penelope: Cheryl's invitation is...genuine. Thorn Hill's gates will always be open to you. The child would want for nothing. You would want for nothing.
Alice: [Sighs] Do you think you can just waltz in here with a bed bug-infested Trojan horse, wave a blank check around, and steal my daughter?
Penelope: I didn't think you wanted her, or else, why would she be exiled like some pariah?
Alice: To keep her away from your family!
Penelope: Oh...and not because you're ashamed? Why is your own daughter not living with you?
Alice: She's not gonna step foot in that twisted, poisonous house of yours!
Cheryl: She should be so lucky.
Betty: Cheryl, that's not helping.
Penelope: She'd do a lot better there than with you.
Alice: How dare you!

Nana Blossom: The specter reads the baby's aura. It predicts the sex.
Cheryl: Nana has dementia and gypsy blood.
[Dangles the crystal]
Nana Blossom: Oh!
Polly: What? Is my baby okay?!
Nana Blossom: Babies. It's twins. One of each.
Betty: This is occultism at its most ludicrous.