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A flashback is shown of Betty and Polly together; she still has the night light from their childhood in her room. Betty invites Jughead over for breakfast and her mother grills him. Betty snaps photos of her mother's address book.

Archie chokes during his audition for the variety show; he has stage fright. He asks Valerie to help him with a duet, but she declines as she's with Josie and the Pussycats.

Betty and Jughead find an address to a home for troubled youth. They figure Polly is kept there.

Veronica convinces Kevin to give Archie a spot in the variety show. Archie doesn't want to perform alone. Veronica offers to join him and he accepts.

Josie and Valerie get into an argument about one of their songs. Josie gives Valerie an ultimatum about performing only with the band and with helping Archie. Valerie quits.

Hermione Lodge balances Fred's books and finds out he doesn't have enough money. Fred asks Hermione to help with a plan to convince the Mayor for a development deal. He asks her out and she accepts. Veronica visits the construction yard and sees her mother making out with Fred Andrews.

Josie tells her mother about Valerie quitting the group. Her mother urges her to find another Pussycat and stick to the brand they created. Josie's father is coming back to town to see the show.

Veronica confronts her mother about the kiss with Fred Andrews.

Archie tells Veronica that he's replacing her with Valerie. Veronica gets so angry at him, about the performance and their parents making out, that she joins Josie and the Pussycats as the newest band member.

Betty and Jughead visit the home for troubled youth to see Polly. Polly is pregnant. Their parents lied to them to try and keep them apart from visiting.

Polly and Jason were planning to run away with each other on July 4. Their parents found out and forced her to live at the troubled home for youth; she doesn't know about Jason. Betty tells Polly that Jason was murdered.

Tension is building between Veronica with the Pussycats and Valerie with Archie.

Mrs. Cooper discovers Betty at the facility. She plans to take her home, but Polly confronts her about not telling her about Jason's murder.

Josie's father returns to town and attends a dinner with Archie, his dad and Mrs. Lodge. The dinner turns into a tension-filled disaster.

Betty confronts her parents about their lies. Mrs. Cooper reveals neither killed Jason and she is certain Polly was lying about running off with Jason. Betty doesn't believe them.

Fred makes his pitch to Mayor McCoy about the development, but he loses the pitch. Someone else is already being pursued for the deal.

Hermione wants to sign the stakeholder deal to let Fred Andrews do the business, but she needs another signature - Veronica's. She asks her daughter, but Veronica won't do it until Hermione ends things with Fred. She doesn't agree and Veronica doesn't sign. However, Hermione forges Veronica's signature.

Archie tells Valerie she should go back to join the Pussycats. He will perform alone.

Jughead sneaks into Betty's room to comfort her about the Polly situation. The two kiss and she breaks the mood when she remembers the car Polly talked about. They go searching and find the missing car; snapping photos since it's evidence.

Josie and Valerie make up backstage. Valerie rejoins the band for their performance. Josie's dad walks out during the song.

Veronica and Archie become friends again before his performance. The jocks tease him, but he performs his song and does a great job. Archie and Valerie kiss after the show.

Someone has lit Jason's car on fire and Polly has gone missing from the troubled youth home.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Josie: Mom, Valerie quit the Pussycats.
Mayor McCoy: Replace her!
Josie: Val writes our songs. She's irreplaceable.
Mayor McCoy: No, Josie, you're irreplaceable. Everyone else is...disposable. You know...maybe it's not such a bad thing to try a new voice? A different sound? You know how your father feels about pop music.
Josie: But it's not pop music this time.
Mayor McCoy: Well, he's catching a Red Eye and missing two concert dates to see you in this Variety Show. I would hate for you to let him down.
Josie: I understand, and I won't.
Mayor McCoy: Good. Because if you do, he will somehow blame me.

Veronica: Not to be "that girl", Archie, but I didn't get the memo we were adding another voice to the mix.
Archie: Hey, Ronnie, great news! Valerie quit the Pussycats.
Veronica: So that makes me...what then...backup?
Archie: No, I mean, you were just doing this as a favor to me, right?
Veronica: You're unbelievable, Archie. You literally have zero loyalty. You, Ginger Judas!