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The Blosssoms were trafficking heroin from Montreal for their family business. Clifford Blossom killed the Southside Serpent to cover up the crime and then committed suicide. Sheriff Keller offers FP a deal for lesser time if he gives up information to clean up crime.

Betty is upset that her family is pretending like nothing happened. She's dug her nails in her hands again.

Mayor McCoy asks Archie and Betty to present at the jubilee. She offers Archie to perform with the Pussycats and Betty can present a speech. She declines since Jughead was not asked to stand on the stage too.

Archie and Veronica come clean to Betty about them making out a few times. Betty is cool with it; she gives her blessing.

Cheryl and Penelope Blossom are grieving over Clifford's suicide. Penelope thinks that suicide might be the better option than to deal with the sorrow. She thinks their family is cursed.

Hermione fires the Southside Serpent from the construction site. She offers to buy out Fred from the construction deal.

Josie won't perform Archie's song at the jubilee, Alice and Hal won't run Betty's article, and Cheryl resigns from the River Vixens. Betty decides to release the article on the Blue & Gold website.

A social worker arrives to check on Jughead. They won't allow him to live with Fred and Archie anymore. Unless something changes with his father's case, he'll be forced to live with a foster family on the south side.

Cheryl apologizes to Jughead for slapping him in the cafeteria. She gives him her spider broach to pawn for extra money.

Someone vandalized Betty's locked with copies of her article and a message in blood. There was a doll hung with a noose.

Betty confronts her mother about her lies. She wants to know what Alice and Hal were fighting about in high school. Alice comes comes clean to Betty about the truth: She had a son with Hal in high school and gave it up for adoption.

Jughead leaves Riverdale High for Southside High. Archie, Betty and Veronica go searching for him; they find him thriving in his new school.

Cheryl sends Veronica a text message; she's plotting her suicide to be with Jason. The group go searching for her as she falls through the lake. Archie breaks through the ice and saves her in the knick of time.

Archie admits to Veronica that he wants to be her "Jughead" and be with her. Josie was impressed by Archie saving Cheryl that they change their song.

The jubilee is to celebrate 75 years of Riverdale. Betty starts her speech to chastise the town for how they treated Jughead, FP and the Blossoms.

Fred declines Hermione's deal to sell his share of the construction deal.

Cheryl throws gasoline in his family mansion and lights the place on fire.

Betty and Jughead are about to hookup, but a surprise knock breaks up the mood. Jughead accepts a Southside Serpent jacket and protection from the group.

Archie and Veronica have sex. Archie goes to have breakfast with his dad at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe, but as he's washing his hands, someone is robbing the place. The masked gunman shoots Fred and takes off. Jughead's voiceover teases that this was planned.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Alice: The night of the homecoming when your father and I were crowned king and queen, the fight that FP saw, I had just told your father I was pregnant. And we disagreed on how best to handle...things. And we had a really big fight, and the next day I went away.
Betty: To the Sisters of Quiet Mercy?
Alice: Yeah, and five months later your brother was born. The Sisters arranged for a quiet adoption.
Betty: God, Mom, I'm so sorry.
Alice: It's the biggest regret of my life.
Betty: I'm so sorry.
Betty: It's okay, Mom.
[They hug and sob]

Veronica: Cheryl, I'm so sorry I'm late.
Cheryl: All you missed was my abdication. The Vixens are in the gym awaiting you, their new Directorix. And I wanted to give you this.
[Gives Her A Shirt]
Veronica: Your "HBIC" shirt?
Cheryl: These last few days have put things in perspective.
Veronica: I understand, but if you personally need anything..
Cheryl: I'm fine...#MyTearsForBlossomMen.
[She leaves]