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Archie can't sleep as he's recounting hearing the gunshots that might've killed Jason Blossom. He texts Betty to talk but she refuses. Archie goes to Ms. Grundy's in the middle of the night to talk about it.

Betty's mother can hardly hide her disdain for Jason Blossom. She reminds Betty to keep focusing and stay away from Archie. She lies and walks to school with him in the morning.

Jughead tries to lighten the mood with Archie but it doesn't work.

Veronica wants to make amends with Betty. She brings her flowers and candy; Betty accepts her apology. Jughead, on the other hand, is suspicious of Archie and confronts him about Archie bailing on his road trip the summer before when Jason was killed.

In Biology class, Archie partners with Cheryl, Betty with Veronica, and Kevin with Moose. Moose wants to continue fooling around with Kevin, but he turns him down to not be a secret. Archie offers to be there for Cheryl, but she's strong and can handle herself.

Betty's mother visits the morgue and bribes the coroner to view Jason's dead body.

Betty still pines for Archie. He plays the group a song and the emotions get to her, she runs off and he tries to stop her. Betty can't move past the events of the weekend.

Weatherby confronts Archie and asks him if he has anything to share about the murder. Archie says no and runs to Ms. Grundy to tell her everything. Ms. Grundy admits her feelings for Archie; Jughead spots them getting very close.

Betty and Veronica bicker about the events of the weekend. Betty invites Cheryl to a hers-and-hers mani-pedi session, which Veronica had originally given her. Cheryl apologizes to Betty about how she treated her, but it's a ruse. She's grilling her as she thinks Betty's sister Polly is someone who could've killed Jason.

Jughead confronts Archie about his affair. Archie admits everything about the gunshot and the affair. Archie threatens him to not say anything.

Betty wants to see Polly, but her mother is coy about the idea. Betty apologizes to Veronica.

In the student lounge, Reggie accuses Jughead of killing Jason for being creepy. Archie defends him and when Reggie accuses Archie too, they both start fighting.

Archie tells Ms. Grundy that he is going to tell the police the truth the next day. He also makes amends with Jughead.

The pep rally is dedicated to Jason Blossom. Josie and the Pussycats perform "Sugar, Sugar" and as the team enters the field, Cheryl has a meltdown when she hallucinates Jason. Veronica finds and comforts her.

Betty and Veronica make amends and become friends again. They vow never to let a boy get between them again. Archie and Jughead end up at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe too; Betty invites them over to join the booth too.

The police and Weatherby arrive during class to bring Cheryl in for questioning. She says that she's "guilty."

Through Jughead's voiceover, it's revealed Jason didn't die on his supposed date on July 4th. In reality, he died over a week later.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Moose: So, Saturday night...
Kevin: Listen Moose, you're hot. Yes. My type? Definitely. But you've got more demons than The Exorcist. We are all on the spectrum but my gay-o-meter says you should stick with what you know best...girls.

It's the path of least resistance, Kev. A week ago Veronica and I weren't friends. Next week, we'll nod to each other as we pass in the hall, but that's it. You know, in two weeks she won't even remember my name and in three, she'll have latched onto some other girl to destroy.