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Jughead finds vandalism outside of the Chock'lit Shoppe.

While making breakfast for Fred, Archie is hounding the Sheriff's office about the case.

Veronica awkwardly bumps into her father. He asks to have a family dinner, but she turns him down.

Pop's staff has quit. Betty and Veronica team up to try and save the Shoppe.

Jughead is focused on helping his dad's case. The attorney urges F.P. to take the deal they're offering. Jughead's dad is offered 20 years, but if he loses, he could get up to 40 years.

Archie is acting paranoid over the gunman. Veronica confronts him about his lack of sleeping in his room. Archie is worried the gunman will come back to finish the job. Veronica tells him to talk to a counselor.

Betty and Jughead ask Mayor McCoy to help save Pop's. She declines and is fine with the place closing down.

Midge asks Reggie to help find "jingle, jangle".  Reggie offers to give Archie the same uppers to keep him awake.

The group decides to hold an event to save the Shoppe.

Hiram shows up to win Veronica over. She rejects him as she can't forget the crimes he has done.

Josie joins the River Vixens. Betty and Veronica asks Cheryl to help with the event, but she says no.

Principal Weatherbee reveals Ms. Grundy has been murdered. Archie doesn't take the news well.

Jughead goes to see Penny Peabody, a lawyer and former Southside Serpent. Her advice is for Cheryl's family to forgive F.P. in court; this would help with getting him on parole. Her only ask is a favor in the future.

Archie and Betty ask Alice Cooper to find dirt on Ms. Grundy's murder case. She agrees, and she reveals an "anonymous buyer" is buying Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.

Veronica confronts her father about buying the Shoppe and shooting Fred. He denies everything. She shows Hermione the letter from Hiram her; however, Hermione wrote the letter, not Hiram.

Betty and Jughead visit Cheryl and Penelope at Thistle Manor to ask for mercy. Cheryl refuses to show it to F.P.

Reggie visits Archie dressed as the gunman. It was a prank, but Archie attacked him. Reggie only visited him to give him the uppers.

Alice tells Archie that Ms. Grundy was chocked with a cello bow. Her murder seems unlikely connected to Fred's attack.

Pop Tate is selling the Shoppe to a liquor store chain. Betty reaches out to Cheryl again for help; she threatens to release the video of Clifford shooting Jason if she doesn't help Jughead and the Shoppe.

Jughead comforts Veronica. He encourages her to forgive her father.

The police officers in Greendale have already questioned Ms. Grundy's ex. He unfortunately has an alibi. Archie thinks he's going crazy.

Cheryl gives her testimony in court, showing F.P. mercy. She says in court that Clifford threatened Jughead's life and that's why F.P. got involved.

Josie agrees to do a free performance after Betty broadcasts it across social media. Josie, Melody, and Cheryl sing "Milkshake" on the diner.

Hiram and Hermione show up at the diner to support Veronica.

Jughead gives Cheryl the USB of the video after testifying in court.

Alice Cooper witnesses the Serpents coming to grab milkshakes and Reggie selling the "jingle, jangle" to Midge and Moose.

Retro Night proves to be successful. Pop Tate is able to keep the Shoppe open for a long time to come.

Hiram is revealed to have purchased the Shoppe; leaving Pop Tate as the manager. It's also revealed Hiram DID write the threatening letter, not Hermione.

Cheryl and Penelope watch the video of Clifford shooting Jason.

Smithers has left the Lodge estate.

F.P. warns Jughead to not connect with Penny any longer.

Dilton Doily gives Archie a gun for protection.

The gunman surprised Midge and Moose as they make out in the car. He shoots them dead.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Veronica: Wait, Cheryl, does that mean you're taking the Vixens back from me?
Cheryl: But really, Veronica...where they ever yours?
Betty: Cheryl, we were wondering if maybe the Vixens could help at an event to help save Pop's?
[Cheryl sighs and claps]
Cheryl: Oh, Betty. I did not emerge from the frozen depths of Sweetwater River, nor the flames of Thornhill, to allow my Vixens to sling milkshakes at some death curse diner. The answer is a double cherry on top "No."

Veronica: I was your fiercest protector, Dad. Ask Mom. Whenever somebody calls you "The devil incarnate," I defended you. I kept telling myself, "He's not that bad. You can forgive him." And then you sent me this.
[Veronica hands Hermione a letter]
Veronica: A letter threatening you, Mom. That's the kind of man you're letting back into our lives.
Hermione: Veronica, your father didn't write this letter...I did.
Veronica: I don't understand.
Hermione: I needed you to testify on your father's behalf, so I wrote this letter. Threatening myself, not your father.
Hiram: Miha, she did it for us to survive, so we can be a family again.
Veronica: You two deserve each other.
[She leaves]