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Betty's patience is wearing thin of Chic. she doesn't want him around.

Penelope insults Cheryl because she caused Hal Cooper to break off their affair.

Hiram encourages Veronica and Archie to go to the lake house for the weekend. He says to bring Jughead and Betty along.

Hiram tells Archie that the New York families are coming to town. He urges Archie to look after Veronica and not tell her that Andre will be watching them.

Kevin invites Moose to watch a movie at the theater, but he's already going with Midge. He says that Midge is cool with them hanging out.

Veronica invites her friends to the lake house. Jughead plans to use the weekend to get intel from Veronica for his story about Hiram Lodge.

Chic threatens Jughead about not telling anyone about the murder. He says it will be bad for Betty and Alice.

After the couples arrive at the lake house, Cheryl calls Jughead to tell him that Betty and Archie kissed in front of her house. Toni confronts her in the bathroom and tries to be comforting, but Cheryl brushes her off.

Jughead and Betty make peace with each other. They hear Archie and Veronica having sex.

Jughead keeps asking Veronica questions about her dad. Veronica makes them all jump into the hot tub. Veronica and Jughead get even against Archie and Betty over their kiss by kissing each other.

"Dark Betty" teases Jughead about kissing Veronica and she plans to torture Jughead in her bustier. Archie and Veronica could hear Betty and Jughead having sex.

Veronica discovers Andre and Archie meeting in the woods.

Sierra McCoy tells Josie that she is divorcing her husband to be with Sheriff Keller.

Josie tells Kevin that their parents are having an affair. Kevin confronts his dad.

Veronica flirts with a store clerk in the small town.

Hiram Lodge bought Sunnyside trailer park and paid off all the back rent of the Serpents. None of them are being evicted.

Moose and Midge invite Kevin to have dinner with them at Pop Tate's Diner. Things get awkward between them when Midge starts trying to set Kevin up with someone.

Cheryl and Toni watch "Love, Simon" together. Josie and Kevin watch the movie together too.

Alice calls Betty to tell her that Hiram Lodge bought the Riverdale Register. The group breaks into a fight until a group of masked figures break into the house.

Veronica pushes a silent alarm and the guys run. Archie catches one of them; Andre shots him.

Kevin, Josie, Sierra and Sheriff Keller plan to talk out the new relationship at the diner.

Cheryl reveals to Toni that she liked a girl back in junior high. Her mother broke that up. Toni comforts her.

Hiram and Archie chat about what to do next if confronted in the same situation as the Black Hood.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Jughead: Hello?
Cheryl: How’s the lake house? Are you all settled in and spooning yet?
Jughead: Who is this?
Cheryl: It’s Cheryl, you welfare baby.
Jughead: Is something wrong?
Cheryl: Not yet. I just wanna make sure you know that Archie and Betty kissed in front of my house right before Christmas and it seemed plenty serious, like with tongue serious. That’s all! Enjoy your couples-only weekend, kisses to all. Bye now!
[He hangs up the phone]

Penelope: You have no right to judge me! Not when you drove the one decent chance I had at a better life.
Cheryl: You mean with Hal Cooper? If that’s your idea of love...
[Penelope grabs Cheryl by the arm as Cheryl walks away]
Penelope: What would you know about it? You’ve never known love, Cheryl, except to rip it apart. Cause you are a jealous, spite-filled, starving, emotional anorexic. Have a nice day at school, dear.
[Penelope walks away]