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Penelope Blossom admits that she is an escort to make ends meet. She is proud of her new job.

Veronica is still on board to help her parents with their plan.

Archie is getting back into his music. Someone is taking photos of Archie as he heads to school.

Southside High has shut down. The students will be transferred to other schools; some will be moved to Riverdale High. Jughead, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs are heading to Riverdale High.

Hiram and Hermione worked with Mayor McCoy to shut the school down. They plot to purchase the land and make money from it.

Polly has come back home to get supplies. She had her babies: Juniper and Dagwood. She wants to stay on the farm and distance herself from her family.

A special agent from the FBI wants to chat with Archie.

The Lodges want to buy out Fred's business. He considers the opportunity as the sale will help out his finances.

Betty isn't ready to tell Alice that Polly wants nothing to do with the family.

The students from Southside High make their arrival to Riverdale High. Tensions erupt between both groups. Archie and Veronica try to play the middle, but Cheryl reminds Archie that she saw him kissing Betty.

Cheryl wants Archie to convince Veronica to side against the Southside students. Archie says he won't let Cheryl blackmail him as both he and Betty were broken up. Cheryl brings up that Nick almost raped Veronica; she didn't know that Archie didn't know.

Betty connects with the agency to find out what happened to her brother. Her brother is Charles.

Principal Weatherbee bans all Serpent jackets and gang imagery on school after a Serpent was drawn in school.

Betty reveals that Polly doesn't want to come home. Her parents don't want to hear anything about her brother.

The Serpents don't mind hiding their gang stuff for the chance at being at a better school.

Archie spills details of Veronica's attack to the FBI agent. Archie needs Cheryl's help to see Nick so that he'll be able to testify again Hiram.

Alice wants to meet her son.

Jughead defiantly wears his Southside Serpent jacket to school. Reggie tries to remove it off Jughead and the group (both Serpents and jocks) get into a fight in the student lounge. Jughead gets suspended for refusing to remove the jacket.

Alice and Betty visit Charles at the apartment. Charles knew about Alice and refused to see her because she gave him up.

FP chastises Jughead for getting suspended.

Archie visits Nick St. Clair and gets the check that she needs. Archie starts beating up Nick after he disrespects Veronica.

Principal Weatherbee forces the former Southside Serpents to wear uniforms.

Archie reveals to Veronica that he went to see Nick.

Betty saves Chic.

Cheryl gives Penelope the money to stop being an escort but she refuses. Penelope is having a lot of fun.

Archie wants the FBI to grant immunity to him, Fred and Veronica. He wants it in writing to make sure that the deal is granted. He also isn't so sure that they caught the real Black Hood.

Chic/Charles stares over Betty while she sleeps.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Archie: There’s one more thing. If you’ve been following me around for a while, you must know about The Black Hood.
Agent Adams: I do. Nice job.
Archie: In your expert opinion, Agent Adams: Do you think we got the right guy? I haven’t told anyone about this, but I’m not so sure we did.

Chic: You’re my sister?
Betty: Yeah. Yes.
Chic: You’re lucky she wanted to keep you.
Alice: Charles, I...
Chic: It’s Chic! But how would you know that? You know what, forget it. I have a client on the way.
[He turns around and walks away]
Alice: What kind of work do you do?
Chic: Are you for real?! “Fantasy fulfillment.” Now really, I have to go.