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Betty and Veronica visit the scene of the crime of the bus crash. Betty thinks her father survived the crash and escaped, but FP claims that the number of remains match the prisoners. Betty still doesn't believe him.

Mary Andrews visits Riverdale to spend time with Archie.

Edgar convinced Alice to get a tattoo. She doesn't think Hal survived the bus crash.

Jellybean reveals that she met The Gargoyle King while hanging out with Ricky. Their mission was the find "The Gospel," which has all the secrets that GK has kept.

Veronica is Archie's boxing manager; she wants to sign him up to a tournament. Veronica wants to invest in the El Royale.

Cheryl campaigns to be Prom Queen for the Junior Prom. Betty and Jughead are going together. There's an awkward silence as Veronica and Archie look at each other.

Mary won't sign Archie's permission slip to take part in the boxing tournament. She doesn't want to support his hopes of going pro because she doesn't want to see him hurt.

Betty practices at the firing range. Dr. Curtle Jr confirms that Hal Cooper died in the bus crash.

During his sweep of the junkyard, FP finds Kurtz' hideout on a school bus. Jughead discovers The Gospel of the Gargoyle King in one of the chairs.

Archie forges his mother's signature. Archie asks Veronica to the prom; she agrees.

Evelyn forbids to let Cheryl and Toni campaign to be Prom Queens. Cheryl rejects her threats.

Jughead reads from the Gospel, but Betty isn't afraid; she knows the Gargoyle King is simply a human being.

Mary sets up a meeting with Archie to meet a Naval Academy rep who could offer a boxing scholarship.

Kurtz got the same tattoos of the markings on Baby Teeth and Dilton. If they can trace who made the tattoos, they could hunt down the Gargoyle King.

Archie sets up an exhibition match to show Brooke, the Naval Academy recruiter, his skills. If he gets accepted, he has a good chance at a degree and a spot in the profession league.

The tattoo artist confirms that he gave Kurtz the tattoos, but he also gave them a blonde guy the year before.

Edgar threatens to keep Cheryl from speaking to Jason again if she keeps her prom queen campaign. Cheryl agrees to drop out.

The Commissioner won't let Archie into the tournament because he's over the weight class. The fight is also moved to Friday (the same day of the exhibition match). Archie plans to lose the weight.

Betty thinks Edgar Evernever is new The Gargoyle King.

Veronica agrees to help Archie compete in his two boxing fights on Friday.

Betty crashes The Farm's meeting and accuses Edgar. Edgar takes off his shirt to prove he has no symbols on his back.

A montage shows Archie and Maddog training to lose the weight. He makes his weight class.

Jughead and Betty come up with a plan to ensure that Betty will be crowned as prom queen to lure the Gargoyle King. Betty needs to assume her role as The Gryphon Queen. Cheryl agrees to the changes to make it look more medieval.

Archie loses his match at the tournament. Veronica begs him not to do the second match since he's in too much pain. Against Veronica's wishes, Archie jumps into the ring against Fangs and collapses.

The Southside Serpents and the Pretty Poisons team up to catch The Gargoyle King at the prom.

Archie doesn't want to go to college and keep fighting. Mary wants him to focus on his future.

Pop Tate reveals to Veronica that Hiram secretly owns the diner and La Bonne Nuit. He lied to her during the original deal and gave her a fake deed.

Fangs and Kevin go to the prom together. Betty rigs the election so that she'll win the crown.

Archie and Veronica team up for a plan to take down Hiram for good.

Betty receives a mysterious note from The Gargoyle King. He threatens to harm everyone if she doesn't go to the spot of the first Ascension. She disappears as she's crowned Prom Queen.

Betty goes to the girls' bathroom to find the walls covered in markings and words. There are flashbacks to Alice's time during the first encounter. Betty refuses to drink from the goblets.

Someone tackles Betty as she points a gun at the Gargoyle King. "The Black Hood" chases her with a hook into one of the classrooms; Betty finds a dead body of a teenage girl. Betty escapes into the halls, but the exits are blocked.

Betty finds another dead body in one of the locker room showers.

Betty hides in the closet under the stairs. She finds the decapitated body of another victim. Jughead, FP, and Betty think the entire Gospel lead was a plot to get Betty alone.

They're afraid knowing that The Gargoyle King and The Black Hood are working together.

Betty warns Alice of her father coming after them. Edgar thinks Betty should stay at The Farm for her protection; she agrees.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Jughead: There’s a lot of mythical stuff in this Gospel, Betty. The gargoyles were thought to be evil spirits that lived in the clouds, preying on people. So, The Gryphon Queen turned them into stone, they fell from the kingdom and shattered when they hit the earth.
Betty: Jug, all this lore builds up The Gargoyle King to be some kind of supernatural creature, but this guy is just a serial killer. Just like my dad. The Black Hood was flesh and blood, and so is The Gargoyle King.
[Betty gets up from her seat]
Betty: Which means ... that he can die.
[Betty removes Hal’s photo from the evidence wall]

Toni: I’m sorry you won’t get to be prom queen, babe. I know how important it was to you.
Cheryl: It’s okay, Ti Ti. Edgar gave me something better than a queenship: humility.
Toni: You can’t mean that.
[Cheryl sighs]
Cheryl: No, you’re right. I can’t and I don’t, and suddenly being a “Farmie” is making a lot less sense to me.