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Toni rushes to Penelope Blossom to tell her the truth of The Farm. Penelope drugs Toni and knocks her out.

Jughead tells FP about Jason's empty coffin. They're going to look at the Maple Club.

Before Edgar is about to experiment on Betty, Penelope arrives to make a deal with Edgar. She wants to buy organs from him in bulk.

Jughead finds out that Kurtz met with Penelope Blossom at The Maple Club. One of the maidens reveals that Jason Blossom came around the club.

Edgar plots to have the "Ascension" later that night. Edgar and Evelyn and tell Alice that Betty escaped the asylum. Cheryl overhears the lie.

Veronica and Hermione become the owners of the Chock'lit Shoppe, as well as the other properties owned by Hiram. Veronica gives Archie the deed to the El Royale.

Veronica, Jughead, and Archie get a mysterious letter from The Gargoyle King. Betty wakes up in a room with a dress and a letter. The place is the Blossom Hunting Lodge; she's there with Veronica, Jughead, Archie, and Penelope Blossom.

Penelope had "purchased" Betty from Edgar before he cut her up. Sister Agatha Woodhouse survived the suicide of the nuns; she is working for Penelope. The Black Hood (Hal) arrives for dinner.

Chic is revealed to be The Gargoyle King. He dyed his hair when he started working for Penelope, and Hal didn't kill him after Chic pledged himself to help The Black Hood.

Penelope Blossom is revealed to be the true mastermind and the original Gargoyle King from the 90s. She did it to seek revenge on the town who did nothing when she was sold to the Blossoms. She cultivated Hal into becoming The Black Hood, and helped Chic spread the game to the town (via Ben, Dilton and Ethel).

Penelope challenges "The Midnight Children" to one final game. They have to survive the night and take part in the games or they'll be killed.

Cheryl shows Fangs and Kevin the fridge of organs, but all the organs are missing. She searches for more proof and finds someone sitting in a chair; she screams loudly.

The Red Paladin (Archie) must battle a grizzled beast alone. He fights the man in the bear costume, and after getting pummeled a lot, he wins the match.

Before Edgar tells Alice the truth, Cheryl bursts into the room about Edgar digging up Jason's grave. Edgar confines her to a room.

The Enchantress (Veronica) must choose one of the group members to spin a bottle with her and drink randomly. Betty volunteers to drink with her. They drink until there's only one drink left; Veronica refuses to let Betty drink the last goblet, so she drinks it.

Penelope reveals the Enchantress's challenge was about character building. All goblets were poisoned; the cure is at the end of the challenge.

Archie admits his true feelings to Veronica. Veronica didn't get back together with Reggie; she still loves Archie. Archie and Veronica kiss.

Alice takes Juniper and plots to escape with Cheryl. She tells Cheryl to take Juniper and find Betty; she's going to stay to protect Polly.

Nana Blossom wakes up Toni and tells her about the hunt. Toni calls the Pretty Poisons and the Southside Serpents.

The Hellcaster (Jughead) takes part in the battle of kings; he needs to fight Chic. Jughead knocks out Chic with a skull. Veronica grows weaker from the poison.

Cheryl reunites with Toni; the groups amass their gang members to protect the others.

Betty and Jughead kiss. The Gryphon Queen (Betty) must use the one bullet in her gun to kill Hal; if she doesn't kill him, Hal will kill everyone. Penelope kills Hal after he fails to push Betty to murder. Penelope orders the Gargoyles to kill the foursome.

Cheryl, the Pretty Poisons, and the Southside Serpents arrive in time to fight the Gargoyles. They save Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead; they drink the cure.

Kevin was left behind at The Farm to explain that everyone got "Ascended" and left to never be seen again.

In a voiceover, Jughead reveals that Chic got arrested, Hal died, and Penelope escaped capture.

Cheryl kept the embalmed body of Jason Blossom in her home.

The FBI swarm the Lodges' home to arrest Hermione for conspiracy to kill Hiram. Hiram paid off the guards to plant evidence to get her arrested.

Archie plans to open a halfway house; he asks Mad Dog to help run it.

The FBI tell Jughead and Betty that Alice was secretly an informant for them; she was helping them to take down The Farm. The FBI agent is revealed to be Charles Cooper.

Archie and friends make a vow to avoid any crazy drama in their Senior year.

A flashforward shows Betty, Veronica, and Archie bloodied over a fire; they plan to burn the evidence and go their separate ways after high school.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Betty: Kevin...
Kevin: They left me. I wanted to go, but they said that somebody had to stay behind to explain what happened.
Archie: And what did happen?
Kevin: The worthy ascended, of course.
Betty: Who did? Where’s my mom and Polly?
Kevin: Gone. Everyone is, and we’ll never see them again.

Jughead: We won. Didn’t we? We survived the night. We proved that we’re better than this town.
Penelope: That may or may not be true, but kill them. Kill them all!
[The Gargoyles chase after the group as they run away]