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The Riverdale police clean up the prom night massacre. Dr. Curdle Jr. reveals that Hal faked his own death by cutting off his own hand.

Hiram wants to privatize the town of RIverdale so that he can buy it. He threatens to kick Hermione out of office.

Veronica reaches out to Mary Andrews and Archie about getting back at Hiram. Since Hiram's name is on the lease, she wants to frame Hiram for the criminal activities at La Bonne Nuit.

Delia, Mary's friend at the FBI, wants to take down Hiram; they need something huge to do it. The FBI won't charge Veronica for any of the crimes she committed. The group needs to catch Hiram in the act to arrest him.

Alice, Polly, and Edgar reveal that a past doctor's test of Betty's deduced that she carries that serial killer gene. Edgar conducts a hypnotism therapy session to dispel the dark thoughts from Betty's mind. Betty talks about Dark Betty to him.

Betty ends up in a basement talking to Dark Betty. DB reveals that Betty killed her childhood cat and pushed Polly down the stairs. DB claims to be the real Betty. Edgar wants to help her get rid of the darkness.

Betty tells Jughead of her experiences within The Farm. She is going to search for more details while within the place. She gives Jughead the lead about the jester. The jester confirms that Ricky gave the letter to Betty.

During breakfast, Fangs is still reeling from the pain of a Farm ritual. She discovers that Edgar dishes out physical pain for the follower to release their emotional pain. Kevin has a large gash on his side.

Archie challenges Hiram to a boxing match. Whoever loses the boxing match must leave Riverdale; Hiram accepts.

Hiram encourages Veronica to take bets for his fight against Archie.

Polly forgives Betty for their animosity.

Jughead warns Jellybean about Ricky's involvement with The Gargoyle King.  She draws a map for the hideout.

Betty places wax in her ears to block out Edgar's hypnotism. "Dark Betty" turned out to be Polly hiding out in the shadows and telling her all those evil words.

Jughead tries to take Ricky away from The Gargoyle King's ritual site, but he refuses to go. He calls on Dilton's former troop members to kill Jughead. Jughead rushes into the bunker to find Ethel.

Ethel is scared that The Gargoyle King will kill her for failing her mission; she was the one who sent the letter to Betty at Riverdale High. She started playing Gryphons and Gargoyles again after leavin the asylum.

Veronica asks Reggie to join her in the con against Hiram.

Betty tries to talk some reason into Cheryl, Toni, Fangs, and Kevin, but they don't believe her. She needs to get proof.

Betty discovers that Evelyn is taking medication for an organ transplant. She thinks that Edgar is harvesting organs from his followers. Betty discovers a freeze of human organs for The Farm's "Harvest Program."

Jughead and Ethel find Jack on the Gargoyle bus, but The Black Hood arrives to torment them. They lock The Black Hood on the bus.

Mary agrees to go to the boxing match. Hiram plays dirty during the match, so he and Archie remove their boxing gloves to bare-knuckle box instead.

Veronica performs a song at La Bonne Nuit. The FBI swarms the places with the intent to arrest Hiram.

More bets start coming in for Hiram to kill Archie. As he's about to deliver the final blow, Veronica stops Hiram. Hiram is arrested by the FBI.

Veronica tells Hiram that she won as all his assets are being seized by the FBI. She triggered this revenge plot because he lied to her about the property.

Mary thinks that Archie and Veronica are endgame, but Archie is unsure. She wants him to go talk to Veronica.

FP and Social Services are looking after the troop scouts. Ethel, as a reward for Jughead's good dead, tells him the identity of The Gargoyle King.

Ethel says that Jason Blossom is The Gargoyle King.

Betty shows Cheryl proof of The Farm harvesting organs from teens. Cheryl saves Toni from her surgery. Toni makes a run for it out of the asylum since Cheryl sacrificed herself.

Kevin and Fangs don't believe Betty's pleas for help. They subdue her and let the orderlies capture her.

Archie goes to see Veronica to say his feelings, but Reggie got there first and said it first. Reggie and Veronica got back together.

Edgar and the nurses prep Betty for her surgery.

Jughead digs up Jason Blossom's grave. There is no body in the casket.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Hiram: My own daughter. Working with the Feds.
[Hiram stands up]
Hiram: And for what? An ex-boyfriend?
Veronica: No, I did this for me, Daddy. I found out you lied; that you still held the deeds to Pop’s and La Bonne Nuit, and it made me very, very angry.
Hiram: Consider it a lesson learned, Miha.
Veronica: Regardless, all of your assets are being seized by the government as we speak. Your precious empire will be put up for public auction. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this parting thought ... I won.

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Mary: So, you and Veronica are quite the dynamic duo. Are you?
Archie: I don’t know. Sometimes it feels like we’re going to get back together, but then...
Mary: Personally, I think you’re endgame.
Archie: Endgame?
Mary: Oh yeah, but it doesn’t really matter what I think. Maybe you should ask her what she thinks?