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FP and Jughead investigate Baby Teeth's crime scene. Baby Teeth's teeth are missing; they think the real Gargoyle King is back and killed Baby Teeth since he resisted.

Edgar tells Betty a story of how he discovered his calling in the desert; she doesn't believe him. Edgar says that people need to open themselves to the process to see the ghosts of their dead relatives.

Mad Dog is dedicating his next match win in Baby Teeth's honor; he taking part in the Gilded Gloves tournament. Archie asks for Veronica's help in getting his fighters involved in the tournament.

Cheryl shares over Riverdale High's intercom how to sign up for The Farm. She's dressed in white and turned into one of the followers.

Jughead convinces Betty that she needs to do some digging to prove that Charles is dead. If she finds the proof, it will help convince Alice that The Farm lied to her.

Betty has a hard time finding Charles' death certificate; however, after a chat with Toni, she thinks she will be able to prove to Cheryl that Jason is truly dead. Betty saved a copy of the surveillance footage of Clifford killing Jason.

Veronica sneaks into a steam room to talk to Elio about the Gilded Gloves. Elio refuses to allow Archie into the tournment.

The coroner finds a matchbook from the Maple Club inside Baby Teeth's throat. Penelope Blossom reveals that Baby Teeth did visit the club and met with Rosemary, but he left alive.

A man foaming in the mouth tries attacking people in the club; FP knocks him out. Martin was having a reaction to Fizzle Rocks.

Veronica and Archie take part in a news segment on Alice's show to publicly challenge Elio's fighter at the Gilded Gloves.

Alice sent divorce papers to Hal. Hal tels Betty that she doesn't need a body to prove Charles' death to her.

Elio agrees to let Archie's gym into the tournament. Archie will need to raise a weight class to fight Ronces. Veronica wins the right to hold the tournament at the El Royale.

Cheryl doesn't believe Toni about Jason's death.

Alice reveals that she's engaged to Edgar. Betty takes her to the graveyard to see Charles' gravestone, but Alice doesn't believe her. Betty places chloroform on Alice to knock her out. She brings Alice to the bunker.

Archie qualifies for the boxing match.

Alice refuses to listen to Betty's pleas about the past. Betty lied about finding Charles' grave; she merely bought the gravestone.

A girl bangs her head against a locker in Riverdale High. She, along with FP's newest criminal, are high off a bad dose of Fizzle Rocks.

Evelyn threatens Toni to stay away from Cheryl. Toni refuses.

Mad Dog tells Archie that Randy is juicing off a rage-fueled drug. He gives Archie the same drug in case he wants to take it.

Jellybean is playing Gryphons and Gargoyles with Ricky at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe.

One of the addicts tells FP and Jughead that Kurtz is the one selling the tainted batch of Fizzle Rocks.

Alice burns away the photos from the Cooper photo album.

Evelyn asks Betty about Alice's whereabouts; Betty lies, but Evelyn reveals that The Farm has copies of Alice's tapes. Betty threatens to kill Evelyn if she comes near her or her friends/family again.

Toni convinces Cheryl to have a night of passion instead of going to The Farm.

Betty listens to Alice's tapes; Alice says that she's afraid of Betty's darkness. Edgar says that Alice needs them more than Betty needs her. Betty gives Alice to Evelyn so that she can go back to The Farm.

Veronica gives Archie new robes for his match. Archie nearly kisses Veronica.

Cheryl plans to break-up with Toni and choose Jason/The Farm. Toni decides to join The Farm to stay with Cheryl, but it's all an undercover mission to help Betty takedown The Farm.

The Riverdale police arrest Kurtz in a drug bust.

Elio spikes Randy's drink with "G" (i.e. Fizzle Rocks).

Hal signs the divorce papers. He asks Betty if she can help him come home.

Randy's drugs kick in and he starts reacting badly to them. After a tough fight, Archie knocks out Randy, but Randy can't wake up from the OD.

Kurtz reveals that the Gargoyle King kidnapped Jellybean as a quest for Jughead and FP. Ricky takes Jellybean to meet the Gargoyle King.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Cheryl: Good morning, my dear Riverdale High constituents and comrades. A lot of you have been asking about The Farm’s student advocacy group. Well, here’s the skinny: Sign-up sheets are posted throughout the school; the club is open to all students. Where the one becomes many, and the many becomes one. So, uncap those pens, sharpen those pencils, and sign up. A little birdie told me it’s what all the cool kids are doing

Betty: The past is part of who you are. You’re Alice Cooper! You bought a house on Elm Street. You painted our door red.
Alice: I lived with a murderer in that house!
Betty: You raised me and Polly in it too! Bad things happen, but you can’t get rid of your past because then you’d lose the good parts too.
Alice: There’s been so much pain.
Betty: I know, I know. But, that’s what makes us stronger. Edgar doesn’t see that.